Do guys like shy and quiet girls?

Well I'm a very shy person, people say that I'm very beautiful but I've never had a boyfriend before and I don't know if it's because I'm too shy and quiet I need you to tell me what you think?


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  • I don't like shy quiet girls--I LOVE them! I wish more girls could just be more reserved and modest like that. Loud-moth, know-it-all, ego manics are usually characteristics of a guy. And still, a guy shouldn't be like that anyway.

    Anyhow, I think it's perfectly fine to be shy and not be all outgoing and fake your confidence(it's big turn off). But the key is that you MUST be able to talk when people are talking to you. Especially on those 1on1 talk with the guy, you should be able to show him that interested in him and the things he have to say. Once you got that down, it's much more likely that he'll ask you out.

    Oh and the other thing for you shy girls is that you gotta learn how to flirt with a guy without saying a word. Try to do an eye contact with him for about 1-2 second. Don't hold eye contact any longer because you'll come across as something else other than shy. Right after the 1-2 of contact, look down slightly and smile a bit then look away. When you look away, he'll most likely will still be looking at you. So smile a bit more and "dart" your eyes. While you are looking down still, look left and right like you are searching for an answer(remember to keep smiling a bit).

    Do this a few times with the guy you like, and he WILL get the idea.


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  • I love quiet girls. I'm kinda in the same situation as u. I'm quiet And I've never had a girlfriend. There were times where I was so close to having one but it just didn't work out so just know that there ARE possibilities out there. I know its hard to let someone know that you like them, especially if ur scared of rejection, but you have to show it somehow. Most guys, especially if they are also scared of rejection, need to see that you might be interested before they ask

    • Thank you very much for your advice :)

  • I guess it all depends on the guys nature himself. If he's quite, reserved or shy, he tends to like other shy people. Outgoing guys tend to like outgoing girls. Shy girls drive me crazy. I like the mystery in a shy girl. The only problem is since both are most likely shy and quiet, its hard to find a match.

  • I do like them! A quiet girl is never the one to draw attention to herself, and that's a quality that I like.

  • I personally think shy girls are Extremely adorable :D and if they're hot, their shyness will just enhance it. As compared to loud obnoxious girls, Shy girls have a better chance, they just need to either take initiative to ask the guy or just simply wait, or get a Wingman XD

  • well I personally love shy girls. at my school almost all of the girls are too loud then their are the middle girls not too quiet and not to loud rarely do I ever see a shy girl. but shy and quiet girls interest me the most because I am a quiet and shy guy the loud girls bug the hell out of me.

  • i personally love pretty quiet girls because they appear to be very cute and lovable

  • I absolutely love quiet girls. I would think that most guys do. They usually are more committed in a relationship than other women. Plus, there's that natural sweetness that they all seem to have that drives me crazy. So never be ashamed of being shy.

  • hello:) I am also a shy guy and I had also no girlfriend and I am 19 years old now... that hurts...I love girls who are shy because they appear as romantic! Perhaps they have deeper feelings, and are not drunk and loud! I am searching for shy girls because perhaps you think they are alone and if you can give love to someone that's sweet...

    if you want to know more about me (photos..) check my page out:

  • Well I'm boy and I have the same problem like you - I'm so nice, but submissive and shy, so I have never made out with some girl.

    I suppose that we who are shy need to have a partner who isn't. Someone who is dominant and brave enough to be the first who approaches.

    That's bad we'd have to wait and wait, while the dominant don't wait and simply get what they want.

    We can't acquire the opposite sex because we are shy, but beauty and sex appeal are our positive attributes. We need to attract the opposite sex and get them hot, so they who are dominant will approach us.

    Anyway I would like to know which country are you from and what's your age.

    By the way I'm 14 years old and I'm from Macedonia.


  • i am the same a lot of girls like me but I'm too shy and quiet and I never had a girlfriend

    i would rather prefer a quiet girl than a loud one

  • I love shy girls to death personally, maybe the right boys aren't around maybe you need to be else where for the right kind of guy to go after you. Or perhaps they just assume since you're shy and beautiful that you already have a boyfriend.

    • Yeah maybe :(

    • /hug, sorry there are good guys out there that love shy girls though, don't go getting unshy, there aren't a lot of shy people out there imo and I love shy people =)

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  • well, I'm a shy, quiet and thoughtful girl too.. 3rd year of Medical School (high stress!).. MBT test called me an ISFP.. Spot on! 89% introverted, often lost in thought.. Though chatty some days, inconsistent.. Hate superficiality, flirting,etc. I'm just me..a little too melancholic and insecure but smart, talented and genuine. End of school liked a guy and he dumped me sayn I was too smart for him. It hurt though and I got clingy.. In college, I liked a spineless but cultured guy who was nice to me initially then insulted me til I felt like a worthless pile of crap.. I felt like I had made a huge fool of myself in public. So na├»ve! Destroyed my confidence.. Took me 2 years to heal.. Am still withdrawn, no longer goofy in public.. Sometimes feel like people are running away from me.. Though I hear many had crushes on me, never acted on them.. Why? Yeah really, my ultimate question: do guys avoid girls with baggage? Maybe now I'm a formidable option but maybe when guys are older and more mature I'll get appreciated? Talk to me people :) I'm a Christian, so I know I shouldn't be whining and pining like this.. Should just happily wait with the confidence that the perfect hand picked guy for me will enter my life at the right time.. Still, I sometimes wonder and want to ask.. What's wrong with me? Why don't guys 'like' me?

  • Boys of all ages are scare to face girls that they might find beautiful.. That go for all ages

  • Its because you are too shy and don't talk much. Trust me I was the same, it'd take me a while to open up but most guys don't have time for that and lose interest. Its good to be pretty so you don't have to worry about finding a guy.

  • i totally no were your coming from, this is basically me!... I was always reffered to as the quiet/shy girl at skool, and the more people that told me this, the more quiet I'd become, it made me hate myself for awhile and feel like no1 would accept me, somthing was wrong with me,& I was missing something etc,...people do say I am very beautiful and guys at skool did like me, (I thought because of my looks only) so I didn't have many boyfirends because I thought no1 would like the quiet girl, BUT what was interesting to me was that later in life I would see people/guys I went to skool with and they would tell me they actually did like me they were just intimidated by me and the fact that I wasn't like other girls putting myself out there, even some of the most popular guys at skool whom I thought wudn't even remeber me, or cared to approach me at skool, told me they didn't no how to approach me and I made them scared because I was so different... so don't get down I think being quiet is a lot better then talking out of your ass, trying to get attention all the time, Embrace your quiet nature, guys like mystery!

    • I think shy girls are a lot more effort for a guy at that high school age , so even tho all the loud outgoing girls seem to have it all, they are just a hole lot easier and less effort , and a lesser risk of falling in love with... so when a shy girl does get a guy he'll never want to let go because we are the keepers!...loyal, loving and not self centred!!....also extrememly good listeners lol

  • I am in the exact same situation as you. I am extremely shy and have never had a boyfriend; but in the past three weeks, 7 guys have told my friend that they either think I am "hot" or that they like me. It sounds like we don't need help with attracting guys, but that we do need help with the actual talking part. I think it's just a matter of getting up enough courage to say something. Anything. I think it's true that we haven't had boyfriends because we are too shy, but it's not that guys are repelled by that, it's just that we can't get close enough to anyone. Good luck with your troubles, and just remember that there's someone going through the same thing as you. We just need to learn to speak up!

    • You know, what you said to her was right on and I agree with you because I'm pretty much in the exact same situation as you guys.So your answer was right on and I think I'll take your advice, too.

    • I totally agree with ya'll. I'm shy, too. I'm trying to come out a little more tho. I've never had a boyfriend before but now I do, and he makes it a little easier to not be so shy and quiet all the time. I'm getting there. Good advice, btw.

    • When it comes to leting a guy know that I like him is very hard for me becuase when it comes to that I am shy but in anything else I am pretty much confident but I am still quiet all the way I think when I do get a boyfriend he will bring out of my shell completly becuase majority of the time its the loud mouth guys that like me.i know I have a rejection problem