Do guys like shy and quiet girls?

Well I'm a very shy person, people say that I'm very beautiful but I've never had a boyfriend before and I don't know if it's because I'm too shy and quiet I need you to tell me what you think?


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  • I don't like shy quiet girls--I LOVE them! I wish more girls could just be more reserved and modest like that. Loud-moth, know-it-all, ego manics are usually characteristics of a guy. And still, a guy shouldn't be like that anyway.

    Anyhow, I think it's perfectly fine to be shy and not be all outgoing and fake your confidence(it's big turn off). But the key is that you MUST be able to talk when people are talking to you. Especially on those 1on1 talk with the guy, you should be able to show him that interested in him and the things he have to say. Once you got that down, it's much more likely that he'll ask you out.

    Oh and the other thing for you shy girls is that you gotta learn how to flirt with a guy without saying a word. Try to do an eye contact with him for about 1-2 second. Don't hold eye contact any longer because you'll come across as something else other than shy. Right after the 1-2 of contact, look down slightly and smile a bit then look away. When you look away, he'll most likely will still be looking at you. So smile a bit more and "dart" your eyes. While you are looking down still, look left and right like you are searching for an answer(remember to keep smiling a bit).

    Do this a few times with the guy you like, and he WILL get the idea.

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      Hahaha thanks

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      well i a, 1 of them :p

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      I don't like shy quiet girls- My Heart Stopped -I LOVE them! (PUMPING AGAIN