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Why do a lot of people hate screamo music?

i love screamo music! but all my friends say I must emo and hate it. all music is the same just different styles. I don't know why people are so... Show More

you guys that don't like it are...LAME :)

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  • You aren't emo if you like it btwand I LOVE screamoi hated it when I first listened to it because I didn't see the sense in listening to something that I couldn't understandbut then my best friend really started to get into itand when I listened to it more I loved it cause I got used to iti think its mostly because its different and a lot of people don't like it and are afraid of going out of the clique

    • A lot of people don't like it because music should be something that makes you feel good. It takes a f***ing weirdo to get any pleasure out of something so ugly.

    • And that would be personal opinion. the being a weird for liking something that you think is ugly that is.

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  • People don't like it because it's just so different.There's no real gateway into screamo music. Usually, the people who don't like it have no similar kind of music to which they can compare it in allow it to grow on them.And the religious radicals say it sounds demonic and satanic.But religious bands DOMINATE the hardcore music scene, so it's a rather mute point.I good dose of August Burns Red will change their lives.

  • Because there's no art to it and it is just screaming? lol, do you need a further explanation?

  • What the f***? All music is not the same.It's just a phase; you'll grow out of it. I like to listen to music to relax and relieve stress. I don't know how you can handle that stuff. It makes my ears want to bleed.Just give something chill a try and see how you like it. Youtube these:Bonobo-KettoBonobo-NoctuaryModeselektor-HasirSchneider TM-The Light 3000 (Cover of the Smiths)Tell me if those don't help you chill out nine thousand times better than that stuff.

    • Not everyone wants to relax all the time. screamo is exciting and fun.

    • I want to relax whenever I don't have work to do. But could you, in good conscience, put on screamo music in a room full of your friends?

  • because musicspoint is to tell a story while giving us a perception of the emotion the artist wants to petray to usnot random distinguishable yelling to crappy rifts

  • id like to know some screamo bands, not that id listen to it, just want to know for my ref.to me its not good, because its just screaming basically, I mean yeah, the metal I listen to can be hard to understand sometimes, but id rather have growling than screaming... besides I don't think its good musically either, this coming from a guy whos listening to one of the most critically acclaimed albums (good not bad) as of right now... crack the skye by mastodon...lots of technicality's in guitar, and drums like john bonham. so I may be biased

  • well I don't like it because it reminds me of my mom screaming, GO DO YOUR ROOM! and other stuff like that, lol

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  • lol not all people are proned to one type of music. I am a person and I'm into all types of music. alternative rock, are & b, hiphop, rap, instrumental, classic, whatever suits my mood. so just ignore what your friends say if that's your preference

  • Um, because I don't want to listen to someone scream in my ears? It's terrible. And then the "music" behind it sounds like a continuous clash of different instruments so to me it's just really bad noise. Sorry lol but that's my opinion.

  • I like all types of music. I do like scremo. My friends don't like it either. They call me emo and say it's weird. I don't really care. I like the music and that's all there is to it.

  • I liked it, until I discovered real music.

    • Real music?

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    • Depends on your def. of real music

    • Good music is all an opinion. I just wanted to see who would call me out on the "real music" comment. For me, screamo was a phase. Now when I look back, I could never relate to the some of that music again.

  • I used to hate screamo tonzz! Until my friend told me of this one band I really needed to listen to and I just had to get used to it. I think most people are just afraid to start trying it out.

  • i agree with the whole, "its just a phase thing"because honestly..it really is...i mean I used to LOVE screamo, now I can't really stand it..i think I liked it so much because I could relate to the screamy and yelling, because at the time I was angry with everyone...so..maybe its a time in your life right now where your rebelious...are angry,dont give a f***going through a hard time..(most screamo lyrics are about these thingss hence why I said these)ive noticed that when my mood changes, my music does too...so right now I'm growing up..having fun..just hanging loose..so, I listen to up beat, happy, fun to dance to, songs when I'm with the friensds..sometimes reggae to help me unwind after a stressed day, and/ or alternative for whatever...occasionally when I'm furious, I will listen to loud screamo bands..DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?

    • I agree with you completely. Except I still ocasionally listen to some screamo bands, even when I'm not angry.

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