Why do a lot of people hate screamo music?

i love screamo music! but all my friends say I must emo and hate it. all music is the same just different styles. I don't know why people are so prone to one type of music.

you guys that don't like it are...LAME :)


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  • You aren't emo if you like it btw

    and I LOVE screamo

    i hated it when I first listened to it because I didn't see the sense in listening to something that I couldn't understand

    but then my best friend really started to get into it

    and when I listened to it more I loved it cause I got used to it

    i think its mostly because its different and a lot of people don't like it and are afraid of going out of the clique

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      A lot of people don't like it because music should be something that makes you feel good. It takes a f***ing weirdo to get any pleasure out of something so ugly.

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      And that would be personal opinion. the being a weird for liking something that you think is ugly that is.