Why do guys always act like jerks to the girl?

even though you know they care? I have a best friend his name is trae, but we also are like in love cause we used to date, and we're still in love, but can only be friends, but like what I don't get is why he is always purposely being a jerk to me and always trying to make me cry, and I know he does it on purpose just to see what I do, but then we always make up, but why the heck are guys like that?


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  • You fell (and are still) in love with this guy. You should look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are attracted to this type of guy.

    It doesn't matter why he does it, you are the one choosing to be with him. If you are just friends now and don't like how you are being treated, meet another dude and move on.


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  • You're not his girlfriend. A guy who makes you cry is someone you don't want. Some guys will act aloof, not call right away, etc. to try to establish themself as the "prize" so you'll want them more. I did this briefly until I realized that I want a relationship with a secure woman who doesn't base her dating preferences on guys who appear too good for her.

  • Hmm

    I recently found awesome video on youtube about why men lie and stuff lol :P

    It was actually freaking awesome! Anyway I ain't trying to advertise anything

    tube w w w. youtube. com /watch?v=94YaZg1Z2HM without spaces or youtube Daniel Packard up ''WHY MEN LIE''. Best ever haha! ^^ This dude actually have a point!

    • That Daniel Packard guy is hilarious! What he says carries so much truth it isn't even funny. Now, if only the girls will listen! :D

  • Seriously, I am sick and tired of this. I am saving my virginity for a special girl. If a girl comes to me and tries to gets her slutty fingers on me I would say no infront of her face. I have girls come up to me for a threesome and I said no because I am not that type of person that uses girls for sex. For real, I am a good looking guy but I don't care for a pretty girl. If I like a girl, I would like her for who she is and not some "pretty" slut who is trying to get shit from me.

  • The answer is simple. That's how we want to appeal to girls... I think. It's a caveman thing. It's built into every man. I admit that I act like that pretty often too, it just comes out. Sorry if we hurt anybody :D

  • he does it because you're not his girlfriend

  • I know you are sensitive so please don't cry when you read this. You used to date but now you are NOT (I'm sure there is a good reason for that). He is still friends with you because he does not want to hurt you. He is acting like a dick because he does not want you as his girlfriend. Why are you leading yourself on? Get over it! Sorry about the cold truth.

  • Hate to say it, but often many women adore these guys, as much as they say they don't. In fact, shows like Family Guy have made a parody of this. Obviously, you choose to hang around him, thus solidifying my point. If he is a jerk to you, pass him by and move on.

  • He's probably or actually most definitely just a jerk. Like normal people don't act like jerks. so yeah.


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  • When girls cry, it shows the guy how much you really care... I think he's just trying to test your love for him.

  • I feel you girlie, I wanna know the same thing, cause this boy at my school says that he cares but than again he is so mean to me.

  • I think boys do that because they wanna see how much a girl truly cares about them- that's how my boyfriend is. I wonder the same thing- maybe they really care about you, and wants to know if you feel the same way about them.

  • He wants drama and excitement.

    but he needs to realize that that's not the way to get it and you're not the kind of girl for that.

    rethink why you even associate yourself with him - is it just because he's around? Because that's not a good enough reason. Sounds to me like you need to kick him to the curb.

  • Guys act like that because we let them do it. Because when we're young we get told by our moms that when guys are mean to us it's because they like us. So they act like jerks because they get away with it.

    One day you'll find a guy that really cares about you, and he won't act like that. In the meantime don't let people walk all over you. Tell Trae to stop acting like a jerk and if he won't lose him, you're worth more than that.

  • Sometimes a man don't want to get close and don't want to get hurt just as well as you do or it could be he is a real ass you need to sit down with him and tell him how's he's making you feel if he changes keep him but if he don't kick his ass to the curb.

  • I don't know why guys are like that but somehow they are probably trying to see what is really on your mind cause I have a person who is doing that too and his name is david.

  • maybe its because he is scared of falling in love or scared of losing you so he acts like a jerk . or maybe he just is a jerk and you guys aren't meant to be