He calls me everyday but won't ask me out?

He has called every night for over a month we always talk at least an hour, but has yet to ask me out! Does he like me or is it just a friend thing. He has mentioned us going to his hometown together and talks about things he wants me to see.


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  • It sounds like he wants to be friends first and see where it goes. You really won't know until you spend more time together in person to see if there's chemistry there. Try and spend time together and see where it goes


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  • I'm going through th exact same thing, but he's been calling every night for 2 weeks and I'm wondering what's going on too-

    • This case is also similar to mine. A little diffrent that we have date for 4-5 times already but he doesn't ask me out lately...but still calls every day. We used to discuss about our situation and he said he wasn't sure if he should start a relationship now and would like to take it slow and think about it....so I let him think and enjoy what I've got now...even sometimes it disturbs me for the idea that he doesn't make time for me but going out with his friends a lot....I can't complain though