Why does my girlfriend always breaks up and comes back?

I ran into my exgirlfriend and she invited me to hang out with her so I did. She was very affectionate toward me but kept telling me she has a boyfriend. So we had a fun time and parted ways but she got really mad and said don't call me again. I don't understand why she would do that? what should I do? It hurts me so much she won't talk to me again I truly love this girl so much she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She texts me all the time just calling me names and telling how much she don't like me. Why would she do this? Does she still have feeling? What should I do?

She has broke me up twice and came back but she tells me she does not care me and always brags about her boyfriend. I need steps on way to help get her back.


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  • Hi I have to tell you for experience that I was in a relasionship like this before and it's hard I know but sometime it's better to let her go because if she already broke up with you twice and got back with you what makes you think she's not going to keep doing it and when she keeps doing this your going to get tierd of it and not want to do anything with her I know she is the beautiful girl you ever seen in your life but she's still going to be hurting you and right now she just wants you when she needs a back up as a boyfriend tell her next time it's final if she brakes up with you she can't come back because all she is doing is hurting you and not caring or seeing what kind of love you have for her hope this helps .

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      thank you