Why does my girlfriend always breaks up and comes back?

I ran into my exgirlfriend and she invited me to hang out with her so I did. She was very affectionate toward me but kept telling me she has a boyfriend. So we had a fun time and parted ways but she got really mad and said don't call me again. I don't understand why she would do that? what should I do? It hurts me so much she won't talk to me again I truly love this girl so much she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She texts me all the time just calling me names and telling how much she don't like me. Why would she do this? Does she still have feeling? What should I do?

She has broke me up twice and came back but she tells me she does not care me and always brags about her boyfriend. I need steps on way to help get her back.


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  • Hi I have to tell you for experience that I was in a relasionship like this before and it's hard I know but sometime it's better to let her go because if she already broke up with you twice and got back with you what makes you think she's not going to keep doing it and when she keeps doing this your going to get tierd of it and not want to do anything with her I know she is the beautiful girl you ever seen in your life but she's still going to be hurting you and right now she just wants you when she needs a back up as a boyfriend tell her next time it's final if she brakes up with you she can't come back because all she is doing is hurting you and not caring or seeing what kind of love you have for her hope this helps .


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  • Probably wants you as a warranty. For example if she broke up or got dumped she knows she can come back to you.

    What you need to do is go out have some fun loosen up. Hang out with your guy friends and move on from her.

    Get someone who cherishes you the way you did to her. What you feel for her is unrequited because she is only using you and not reciprocating your feelings.

    Get someone who makes you happy after all you're still young, handsome and be happy. Show her what she gave up on

  • She is not beautiful! She may look good on the outside but beauty is throughout. She sounds like she has ego issues (DAMAGED GOODS) and a split personality. Run run and never look back! There are millions of pretty/attractive girls. There are also some real beauties out there you can do better!

  • I would suggest forgetting about her, it sounds like she has no respect for you and is just playing games. There are no steps to getting her back, she is just out to hurt you more, a girl like her only cares about herself. Best if you consider the relationship a learning experience and find a girl who will love and respect you and make you happy, it may take years but there's someone for everyone :)

  • agree with 1diamond.

    you are letting her play you...get some balls and tell her off...you are better than that.

    she has a bf...why bother..she is seeking attention from you and being disrespectful to you.


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  • Good God, stop putting this girl on a pedestal! Block her #, delete her off FB and stop contacting her. She's at least a crazy bitch, and at most a crazy bitch who would cheat on her boyfriend.

    You ain't getting her back. You're only prolonging your misery.

  • She just wants attention from you. Don't give it to her. Don't reply to her. Give her the cold shoulder.

    Shes texting you and telling you about her new boyfriend, because he's not that great. That's why she's lieing and making stuff up to make him seem better then you. For if he actually was, she wouldn't need to tell you.

    This girl may mean the world to you. But you have to look at it now as her loss. For your the catch. Not her.

    Next time you bump into her, or she texts you or w.e. Don't respond. That will kill her. No matter how much she tries to contact you. You cannot respond, till she says she's sorry. Or until she msgs you saying that she's single and sorry. This won't happen over night.

    Just stay away from her. She's playing with your emotions.

  • She's crazy. Forget about her for a couple years. She's obviously not over you if she's continuing to text you. Also try to hang out with her, just no contact rule for a year or two. I know it's a long time but it's the only way to really let all feelings wash away. If it's meant to be and you guys meet up 2 years later and hit it off then go for it. Meanwhile focus on your self and forget about all the none sense she brings into your life.

  • You need to close that chapter in your life man. The only reason she keeps texting and calling is because she knos that you'll respond. She thinks she has you under her finger. It may be difficult but she is toxic. Once you start ignoring her and improving your life you'll be good. Go meet other girls. There are enough out there to not have to worry over this one.

  • Sorry man, but you need to tell this girl to take a flying leap! Assuming you did nothing to truly piss her off? I would straight up ask her ONCE what her deal is and if she still keeps on with all that bs just tell her you have no reason to be friends with someone who constantly tells you how much they don't like you.

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