What does it mean if a guy says he just want to be friends but flirts with you also?

Couple weeks ago I told a guy that I like him. He told me that he just want to be friends. Here recently he has been flirting with me. I am confused what does this mean - he like me more than friend or what?

Thanks for the comments - what does it mean when he wants to be friends with benefits online only - does he like me more than friends ? Why am I so confused? - Should I do the friends w/h benefits or will I get hurt too much?


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  • Ok I'm glad you asked this question because I'm in a similar situation. There' s a girl I like and she's told me several times that she wants to be friends and that she just doesn't have time to go out with anyone until she gets out of school, yet she still talks to me, flirts and asks me to hang out sometimes. When I ask her to hangout, she gives me a detailed explanation of what she's doing everyday, so it's not like she just says no to me and drops me. She told one of her friends that she goes in between liking me and not liking me very quickly, like one week at a time, on and off like that. I think she just wants to play mind games with me for a while until she feels like she's had enough, and then will actually go out with me. I guess she wants me to play hard to get or something, but I really don't want to. Maybe that's what this guy is doing with you. It's immature, I know, but sometimes someone just won't go out with you unless they feel like you're worth it to them. Please let me know if this helped you, or if you have anything to comment on, let me know.

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      Well, don't be hursh on her. Do you know her well? If so, does she looks like player to you? Otherway she could be just shy or had bad relationship experience before and she doesn't want to rush into something without truly meaning it. She can't tell you that she likes you, if she doesn't know you well enough, give her time if you really like her. How much time it's up to you.

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      I know this girl really well. I've known her for almost three years, and there are a lot of things that we have in common and enjoy together. I've told her before how I feel about her by hugging her and she said that she like me because I respect her very well. She told me once when we went out that she's only gone out with someone once before, and she didn't like him; she only went out with him once because he was too touchy/feely. She's not into showing affection like at all.