Is your ring finger longer then your index finger?

Is your ring finger (next to your pinkie) longer in length then your index finger (next to your thumb)?

Supposedly these lengths are determined by hormones during fetal development...interesting...I am just wondering if I am in the majority or the minority since my ring fingers are longer then my index fingers.

  • Vote A Yeah, my ring fingers are longer then my index fingers.
  • Vote B My ring fingers are the same length as my index fingers
  • Vote C My ring fingers are shorter then my index fingers.
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  • A longer index finger longer means you where exposed to higher levels of estrogen. Supposedly you should have "female" traits such as caring, emotional, etc and apparently a good hip to waist

    A longer ringer finger means higher levels of testetorone during development, meaning you should have more "male" traits such as aggressive, logical, less emotional and apparently big

    Its an on going study so don't read into it a lot.

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      I don't buy the hormonal influence on finger length. I think it is probably more like other physical traits and is determined by genetics. Compare against your mom or dad or brothers or sisters.

      Who makes these things up?