Is your ring finger longer then your index finger?

Is your ring finger (next to your pinkie) longer in length then your index finger (next to your thumb)?

Supposedly these lengths are determined by hormones during fetal development...interesting...I am just wondering if I am in the majority or the minority since my ring fingers are longer then my index fingers.

  • Yeah, my ring fingers are longer then my index fingers.
    67% (26)79% (19)71% (45)Vote
  • My ring fingers are the same length as my index fingers
    13% (5)12% (3)13% (8)Vote
  • My ring fingers are shorter then my index fingers.
    20% (8)9% (2)16% (10)Vote
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  • A longer index finger longer means you where exposed to higher levels of estrogen. Supposedly you should have "female" traits such as caring, emotional, etc and apparently a good hip to waist

    A longer ringer finger means higher levels of testetorone during development, meaning you should have more "male" traits such as aggressive, logical, less emotional and apparently big

    Its an on going study so don't read into it a lot.

    • I don't buy the hormonal influence on finger length. I think it is probably more like other physical traits and is determined by genetics. Compare against your mom or dad or brothers or sisters.

      Who makes these things up?

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  • boath of mine are shorter but very very close to being the same length.

  • Having a longer ring finger means that your balls weigh 5 Kg each =D

  • hm, my ring finger is longer than my index finger, I noticed this on myself and realized, I am close to beingg a heartless bastard, but I try my best to show the most love and affection for my girl, so yea I think this might be true


What Girls Said 11

  • My ring fingers are longer, but just by a touch. I heard that these lengths indicate personality or something, but I don't buy it.

    • I don't buy it either. It is hocus pocus.

    • They do not indicate personality, that's just brain development, and everyone develops their brain in a different way, women just tend to have say, stronger reactions on testosteron than men, because clearly it affects their fingers quicklier then wiht men, because they have much more testosterone, even if you take the 0.98:1.00 rate into account.

  • Mine are the same length. . . I never noticed before, lol.

  • Mine are the same length. . .how is that significant?

    • I don't know, but when I looked it up girls are more likely to have there index finger be closer to the same length as their ring finger than guys who tend to have a longer ring finger. The ratio of index to ring length (close to 1 for girls, less than 1 for guys) is supposedly due to differential exposures to testosterone in the womb.

    • It's said that the world's average ratio for women, that is index:ring = 1.00, so that would mean you just have a femine finger pattern as it's called.

  • yeah I have heard that too, I've always wondered why this is

  • Not that the poll is a conclusive result, but it seems that a longer ring finger is more common in both genders, and is probably independent of gender, hormones, or anything other than genetics.

    • That is not true, finger patterns in the world can differ per country, it might be for example 0,99 for girls in the USA and for example 1,01 in Japan, remember that this is all caused by genes.

      The only thing we know yet is that it has prenatal influences, we are not stating any more, but we do know FOR SURE that it does have prenatal influences, so please don't attack proven theories.

  • How in the world would hormones differentially affect finger lengths of the ring and index fingers? Does that make any sense to you? Whoever made this up was probably some type of fortune teller/astrologer type.

    • You need to take an anatomy and physiology course... hormones play a large role in physical traits

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    • Studies have been conducted that have shown a correlation between hormones in fetal environment to traits like finger length....just google it....plenty of information comes up. and yes...audreymarie21 is correct hormones play an integral role in development per the fields of biology and genetics....

    • So I am wrong. I did better than Google and used academic journals and there does indeed appear to be some sexual dimorphism between the lengths of the ring and index finger between men and women. Because of that many have assumed the difference to be due to in-utero testosterone levels, but none of the studies I saw directly proved that. Thanks, I am more educated than I was before. I never would have guessed there even was a difference.

  • nope, index is longer for me

  • My anthropology teacher taught us about that.

    It is true that in the womb if you got adequate to excess testosterone (even for girls) then your ring finger is slightly longer than your index finger. If you got little testosterone than your index finger will be shorter than your ring finger. But keep in mind that this only works on your dominant hand.

  • So I read that if a guy has a longer ring finger he is more prone to cheat. I wonder if it goes the same for a girl.

    Again...this is something I READ not something I believe in.

  • My ring finger is just a bit longer but I can hardly tell. I've heard something about that before too though.

  • yeah