Is he interested in me or not?

Does a guy calling a girl sweet mean he's not interested in her? I called a guy sweet and he was insulted saying he thought I didn't think him date-worthy. Personally, I thought he read too much into it.

But a guy referred to me as being sweet and I wonder is he interested in me or not?


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  • I actually don't think so...

    I think its just a expression to say that your sincerely understanding.

    I called a female I was into, "Sweet" as a nickname...

    So I don't think its to bad, but I've seen people use this in a way to where they meant sweet by young. Like, sweet as in innocent, and in a way, I did feel she was innocent.

    It can be confusing, but that's why this site is here right?

    Let me know if you need more.

    I hope this helped...


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    • I was out with a banker (wk related) &he intro me to 1 of his friends. We all went out for dinner 1 nite. His friend & I connectd v. well. End of the evening I felt like giving his friend my call me But didn't because I believ the guy shuld mk 1st mov. Nxt day the banker tried 2 sus out if I was interested but I gave nothing away because wk-wise that would be unprof. I dnt know if his friend said something or not but now I regret nt being upfrnt & honest. It's been 1yr nw. I can contact ....

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    • There is a "way" to perhaps see him again, I could even call him (the guy I like) on a work capacity. But that would be me pursuing him - and again I don't think a rel would wk if a girl goes after a guy. Such a shame. What do you think?

    • I guess I don't really see it that way. I feel like your just showing availability & if he doesn't bite after that, then you did your part, and he just wasn't interested. I agree that a relationship wouldn't work if the girl chased, but as a guy I want a little something to know that she is into me, or does want me. & it is a shame its like that, but its best that way. In general, Guys will bang anything, and girls really will not, and that's why we must chase.


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  • I've told girls they were sweet. If they were sweet, I just say it. It's a compliment if anything, but would it have anything to do with the meaning of a girl being date-worthy or not? Not unless he really wants or doesn't want a girl who's sweet.

    What I'm saying is, saying someone is sweet doesn't really mean much in this case.

  • I think you're right - that other guy read way too much into it. "Sweet" can mean a lot of things.

    If I call a girl "sweet," it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm interested in dating her. It also doesn't mean I'm not interested! Don't make the same mistake as that other guy by reading too much into it :)

  • Personally, sounds like Karma. But that being pushed aside; Yes he's interested. Usually when I call a woman sweet, it's to provoke a response. She thinks she has to (if she likes me) step up her sexy a degree or two. Why? Because "girls" are sweet. Uptight-I-have-only-had-one-drinking-experience-in-my-life girls are sweet. No woman, wants to be thought of as sweet. Especially if she pays bills and knows how to make coffee.

    • LOL!

      I agree with the Karma theory. Never thought about the sweet/sexy thing, though. A guy called me sweet on a day that he was staring at my gambs; I gave him something and he said I was sweet. Interested? Probably, but I hadn't thought about it -- or rather, it didn't sound like a big deal since I DO pay the bills and make coffee, lol.

  • Calling a guy sweet tends to come across as being a non-committal term of affection. Like... aww, look at the puppies... they're so sweet. Its friendzone material.

    • I see....

      Appreciate all your comments. I never really thought of it that way and now have a clearer understanding of why he was offended. BUT, I would ask then, WHY would a guy be so offended if he never asked me out anyway? It just seemed like he was using that comment as an excuse to pick a fight with me or something. Was really weird. And he doesn't believe in marriage whilst I do so it's not like if we had a relationship it'd actually end up anywhere, right???

    • Just because he hasn't asked you out doesn't mean he's not interested, he may be shy, or more likely waiting to see if you show signs of interest. A neutral affectionate term of endearment may have been taken as well, ambivilence. Could be why he got upset.

      Generally we don't pick fights just to fight. :)

      Saying he doesn't believe in marriage also doesn't mean that you can't develop a meaningful, lasting relationship with someone. A ring isn't a relationship after all...

  • I think he is, but it really depends on the person. A girl told me once that I was kind and nice and sweet, and I soon found out that she really liked me. But I could see some mean, bitchy stuck up girl saying that about anyone she only saw as a friend, just her way of being nice and not being mean. Like I said it depends on the person. If they come off as a nice person, he or she, depending on if you're a guy or a girl, probably likes you

    • Bitchy stuck up girls don't know what sweet is, lol. They look down their noses at people and all their words ooze with contempt. We should really pity them for not being able to know how to experience things that can be identified as "sweet" (thoughtful or caring)....

  • Thinking to much into it, sweet is a neutral word.

  • The difference is in the perception that women should be sweet and understanding and men should be tough. also calling a guy sweet is slang in some regions for calling him gay

    • Ouch!

      Wait, but I've heard gay guys refer to straight guys as "sweet" (with a note of dismissive contempt)....

  • I can sorta see why he felt a little insulted. I mean, well I like it when girls call me sweet. But it does kinda song like "aww your sweet, but I'll never date you". Don't ask why it sounds like that, it just does. But as a guy calling a girl sweet? Some words as a man, I just don't use. For example...SWEET!. lol I can't see myself calling anybody sweet. Maybe my girlfriend when we dated for like a year and I feel comfortable to say anything around her. But if I wanted to say something around that area, I would probably say something like " wow, you're a nice person lol or something like that. Not sweet. Sounds too I think some words only females should use. So I don't know what He's getting at.

    • Yes, the "nice guy" slot is not where most guys want to be according to my guy friends. One of them went all out for this girl and she just smiled and said "A-a-w, that's so SWEET!" and offered a noncommittal peck on the cheek that placed him smack in the middle of "Friendsville" and totally flustered. He still grumbles about it if anyone brings up the girl's name.

      Guys do use the word sweet quite a bit from what I've seen, but the meaning is often ambiguous.

  • I've called a couple girls 'sweet' before. It didn't mean much of anything, it was usually just when they'd said something cute or thoughtful about whatever. It wasn't a big deal, I wouldn't put too much thought into it.


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  • When somone (guy or girl) calls someone "sweet" it generally means that one is trying to be nice while letting someone down easy. Just think about it...when someone gives you a gift, but you really don't like it, what would you say if they asked did you like the gift? "Awww, that' was so sweet of you" The word is viewed as condescending.

    • Interesting as I never saw it that way. I don't normally say something I don't mean as I am normally direct to people.

      When I called him sweet, it didn't even cross my mind that I was just calling him "friend". That was not what I had meant at all. I was being sincere. Unfortunately in this guy-girl speak, I guess misinterpretations happen (sigh)

    • Yeah they do. It all depends on the situation of giving and receiving messages while communicating.

  • no lol I call everyone sweet even if I don't like them special..its a friendly could be that he likes you but calling sweet doesn't always mean they like you..

  • thats like saying a guy is cute for some reason they think its demeaning





  • well you can't really tell he only called you sweet.You have to hang out with him and see what his actions are and how he talks to you.