Is he interested in me or not?

Does a guy calling a girl sweet mean he's not interested in her? I called a guy sweet and he was insulted saying he thought I didn't think him date-worthy. Personally, I thought he read too much into it.

But a guy referred to me as being sweet and I wonder is he interested in me or not?


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  • I actually don't think so...

    I think its just a expression to say that your sincerely understanding.

    I called a female I was into, "Sweet" as a nickname...

    So I don't think its to bad, but I've seen people use this in a way to where they meant sweet by young. Like, sweet as in innocent, and in a way, I did feel she was innocent.

    It can be confusing, but that's why this site is here right?

    Let me know if you need more.

    I hope this helped...


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      I was out with a banker (wk related) &he intro me to 1 of his friends. We all went out for dinner 1 nite. His friend & I connectd v. well. End of the evening I felt like giving his friend my call me But didn't because I believ the guy shuld mk 1st mov. Nxt day the banker tried 2 sus out if I was interested but I gave nothing away because wk-wise that would be unprof. I dnt know if his friend said something or not but now I regret nt being upfrnt & honest. It's been 1yr nw. I can contact ....

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      There is a "way" to perhaps see him again, I could even call him (the guy I like) on a work capacity. But that would be me pursuing him - and again I don't think a rel would wk if a girl goes after a guy. Such a shame. What do you think?

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      I guess I don't really see it that way. I feel like your just showing availability & if he doesn't bite after that, then you did your part, and he just wasn't interested. I agree that a relationship wouldn't work if the girl chased, but as a guy I want a little something to know that she is into me, or does want me. & it is a shame its like that, but its best that way. In general, Guys will bang anything, and girls really will not, and that's why we must chase.


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