What makes a guy want to go out with a girl ?

and what are they thinking when they do?


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  • may sound corny but.

    With the girl I'm with now I get along with her really well, she acts silly, plays video games and has similar political/social views just like I do and I think that's really sexy. She is also a virgin and hasn't really dated before (I don't like intensively used girls).

    she is attractive but when I'm with her/thinking about her I just really want to hold her and have that conversation about life.

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  • What makes a guy want to go out with a girl ?

    - Interaction with others ; (Friendly, Outgoing, Happy, Confident, etc)

    - Physical Attributes ; (Effort put in to better personal looks [gym/face cleanser/etc])

    - Social Attributes ; (Can hold a conversation, can HAVE a conversation)

    - Miscellaneous ; (Fun to be around, spontaneous, etc)

    A strong combination of anything listed above can win my attention. Keep in mind that it isn't a "gauranteed" way to get me to approach, but at the same time you have better odds than others.

    And what are they thinking when they do?

    Depending on if the woman is approachable (Meaning they meet some good quality standards <-- I hate that word.) :: The first general thought is to look at their face - this shows what they may be feeling/thinking etc. Through body language you can tell a LOT! If the woman has a "stone gaze" meaning not much expression - she may be thinking about stuff she has to do today - vs - having a smiley/friendly expression meaning she likes to interact with others and is open to conversation.

    After the initial thought, most men react differently - they either think of what to do/say to get their attention ; What may be a great conversation starter ; "How-soon-can-i-get-her-to-bed" <-- pigs ; or multiple other things... its a very vague answer, but truthfully I have approached women thinking about my car but holding a conversation about clothing brands and which is better / who has a funny logo etc...

    ^_^ If I could answer something else for you let me know.

  • Hi! Well, I will tell you how things seem to happen for me - doesn't mean it happens the same way for everybody, but it's just my own experience.

    I met my last girlfriend, whom I went out with for about 2 years through a band that I was in. She was one of the singers. We were in the band together for about a year before we both said to each other that we'd like to get to know each other better. We used to laugh and joke around a lot. I was definitely the flirt of the band and I was the newest member. I always laughed and teased the girls a lot, so they definitely liked me. But, I never really knew anything was ever going to come out of it. I was just being myself. Until that one day, when she said to me she would like to get to know me better. My whole world turned upside down at that moment. I heard and felt myself telling her that I would like to get to know her better too.

    However, after she said that to me, things were totally different. I became totally self-conscious, and was nervous around her all the time. I found myself being silent more often with her, because I didn't want to say something stupid and screw things up. I always was wondering what she was thinking and was worried about what to say to her. Also, I wondered where to take her on dates, what her likes were, and what to do to continue to please her. I also found myself making stupid jokes out of nervousness and found myself more edgy. She, of course, thought I was cute because I was nervous around her, since the relationship had changed, which caused me to be all the more nervous, because she was all up on me at band all the time. I couldn't think or concentrate on anything we were doing at band most of the time, because all I could think about was her and how she made me feel - physically and mentally. We have not been seeing each other for the last year, but that's still how I feel with her. There are other girls that I have dated that I have not felt this way with, but I think you just know when someone sparks something inside of you. You feel it with your whole body and soul sometimes. At any rate, that was just an experience of mine. I tend to fall for women that make me feel that way. Thought I would share!

  • When I find a girl I want to date, the first thing I notice is her body. How does she carry herself? Does she keep herself clean? Does she exude confidence? Does she match the body type I'm attracted to? That isn't a totally superficial question, by the way, it's human nature.

    Then when I approach her, when I talk to her I'm hoping to hear a thoughtful, articulate girl who has something to contribute. If a girl can't challenge me intellectually, then there is little chance of things working out very long.

    Lastly, I look for signs that she's flirting with me. Mostly because I want to know the girl that -I- am interested in also has an interest in -me-.

  • If she's fun to be around the thought of it pops into my head

  • Loneliness and or horniness.

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