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If a guy tries to make conversation...does it means he's interested?

meaning, instead of one word answers...he actually cares to talk more and even ask me for my opinions and stuff... oh, and this is all an addition... Show More

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  • If he's flirting while having a conversation with you, yup there's a really good chance he's attracted to you. But when a guy initiates a conversation with a female it doesn't always mean he's attracted. For instance, I once started a conversation with a co-worker I never met before that I wasnt to attracted to, I just started talking to her because I like to make friends with fellow employees.

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  • I would need more details to be able to answer that precisely. But generally, yeh if a guy tries to make conversation, he is probaly interested. What do you think? Do you think he's interested? If a girl's instinct tells her a guy likes her or is interested in her, then she is usually right.Hope that helped

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