Are these signs of a shy guy interested in me or not?

1) When he passes me, he rarely looks at me, but if he's with his buddies he always actively speaks to them. Basically he shows he is very busy... Show More

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  • he could be totally shy and have a mini crush on you. May be he has a girlfriend or an ex he's not over and doesn't want to date right now, may be he had a bad experience with a grl so he's being a tad bitter to you...but he's not completely ignoring you or giving you a negative signal...i guess he's just being single?

    ive learned that guys can easily talk to girls they don't care about (female friends, coworkers etc) doesn't mean theyre into them, its just entertainment and friendship, but the one grl they like or have a crush on, theyre quiet and shy in front of you never know...

    i would suggest you just continue being nice and friendly, when you walk by him just say hi give a neutral smile, and give a polite eye contact, he will slowly form some type of bond with you, after you become more familiar to him and it can grow into something bigger from there on...just don't push it or be overly flirty...

    i have a feeling he either had a bad experience or just wants to be single right now though so don't take it personally lol, give him his space =)

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    • Thanks, that's a very good advice. I kinda heard he had recently came out of relationship, which didn't work out. I doubt he has a girlfriend but I'm not sure. He hangs around one of his female co worker though...she gives him ride home every day, but I think she's married.

    • I totally agree with this, but don't give up! Start making friends if you can - take it slow and as soon as he is comfortable it may work out...?!

    • Well, you see it's 3 month, but nothing changed until I decided to drop all this, cause he seemed really not interested. I started to avoid him (not obvious but tried not to bump into him). And the minute I did that he changed, he now goes out of his way to say Hi, smiles and looks at me ALL the time. Before he just sometimes glanced at me but now he looks so obvious looking until I look at him. Whenever he sees me he smiles or lightens up, no more that pi**ed look from him.