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She doesn't want to be my girlfriend, but also doesn't want to be just friends?

Ok So I've been dating this girl for 3 years and a bit and we have had the most amazing relationship until she left off for school in a different... Show More

like I was saying Shlei3 .. I pretty much begged her again to give me a chance to be her boyfriend to show her how fun this relationship can be like I would give the world to her ... but she bluntly said "I don't want to be your girlfriend"

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  • I wouldn't like that situation at all. I would tell her that one is fine but not both. It's not fair because it's as if you were her toy that she can play with when she wants to but when she's done playing she can just put you away. That's not fair at all. It's a FWB relationship that is just between you two. Honestly, I would talk to her and tell her she has to pick because it isn't fair. Actually, I may not even give her that chance. I would be offended that she even brought that up and would walk away.

    • Thank you sooo much! It means the world to me to hear an honest perspective from another girl at this moment. .. I hate the situation .. today I saw her .. and I purposely stood back ( like I didn't initiate kissing or anything to see if she would) and she didn't at all she was just like hey what's up .. and it was awkard for a moment until I brought it up again and told her how I feel .. how every time I see her I have more feelings for her and I just want to kiss her .. like act on my emotions ...

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    • She just siad she doesn't want to be my girlfriend .. I asked her if she is attracted to me .. she said yea I think you are very goodlooking .. I said I meant like emotionally she .. said" I don't know .. and every time you ask me to be your girlfriend I want to be less your gf" ... yet when I asked if I walk out now would you care? .. she said yes ... and she doesn't want to see me with other girls ..

    • We're talking on the chat. This girl is bad news.

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