If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in five words?

Would they be words of encouragement, advice, wisdom?

I would say to myself "Embrace your inner beauty." mainly because I had a lot of trouble with self confidence then. So what about you all?


Most Helpful Guy

  • -I would write a note to myself to tell my parents to sell their house when it was at the top of the market.

    -Try to convince my dad that his business is not good for his future.

    -Make my mom divorce my dad before he got a call from oversea from a nasty woman who was jealous of my mom for having money.

    - from the beginning of 2013 I would make a reminder to write an official contract to collect the rent that is rightfully mine to support myself even better from my tenant Amber. (it is being collected by my dad.)

    - I would write to myself about my ex-girlfriend don't write anything that she may take negatively anywhere because she WILL look for it. lol :)

    -Give myself all the answers to my classes tests at University

    - and winning lottery ticket numbers.

    - and when I become your friend I'll donate slightly less than half to you for fun.

    thanks for the fun question. :)

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      That rent thing is outrageous! If you can prove the money/ the place she's renting is rightfully yours as in if the tenant will admit that the initial agreement was with you etc you can still go to a lawyer and still get that letter. Or even make a secret recording of you and your dad speaking about it (hold the phone in your hand as if it doesn't matter while you ask him how he could take your money and as long as he admits in some way that it's yours, you can sue him AND get it from now on)