If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in five words?

Would they be words of encouragement, advice, wisdom? I would say to myself "Embrace your inner beauty." mainly because I had a lot of trouble with self confidence then. So what about you all?


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  • -I would write a note to myself to tell my parents to sell their house when it was at the top of the market. -Try to convince my dad that his business is not good for his future. -Make my mom divorce my dad before he got a call from oversea from a nasty woman who was jealous of my mom for having money. - from the beginning of 2013 I would make a reminder to write an official contract to collect the rent that is rightfully mine to support myself even better from my tenant Amber. (it is being collected by my dad.)- I would write to myself about my ex-girlfriend don't write anything that she may take negatively anywhere because she WILL look for it. lol :)-Give myself all the answers to my classes tests at University- and winning lottery ticket numbers. - and when I become your friend I'll donate slightly less than half to you for fun. thanks for the fun question. :)

    • That rent thing is outrageous! If you can prove the money/ the place she's renting is rightfully yours as in if the tenant will admit that the initial agreement was with you etc you can still go to a lawyer and still get that letter. Or even make a secret recording of you and your dad speaking about it (hold the phone in your hand as if it doesn't matter while you ask him how he could take your money and as long as he admits in some way that it's yours, you can sue him AND get it from now on)

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  • (1) DON'T (2) EVER (3) MARRY (4) THAT (5) WOMAN:D

  • Mega 3/28/12 9,19,34,44,51 ... Invest well.

  • Don't speak until you're sixteen.I've said a lot of stupid stuff, and listening really improves your wisdom.

  • Feb 26. 2010. leave earlier.I hit a deer at around 2 something in the morning on the highway (speed limit is 70 mph) Had I left just a tad earlier, those deer would've crossed the road just before I got to that same point. That car I had was old but pretty much in mint condition since I got it from a mechanic. Damage cost over $5,000. So, I had to sell it to a junk yard so I could buy a new car... that new car almost killed me a thousand times. Once with the brake line breaking while going through a red light. Another time when my steering wheel locked while turning right at an intersection, and forcing me to cross the lines on the road that I was turning into and then having to stop the car and call my insurance company and then have cops come out to keep myself and the rest of traffic safe since the back of my car was still somewhat in the road. Then I don't even remember how many times that car stalled out on me, and no matter how many times I've taken it to many different mechanics, they all said the car was fine and shouldn't be stalling out.All of this was caused by that stupid deer on the highway on February 26th at 2 something in the morning while driving 70 mph. Not to mention that the road I was on is higher up than the ground. So, basically, if I were to veer off the road I would be going down hill, and was also another reason (besides it being dark) that I didn't see the deer until the last second since the deer had to climb up the hill and once at the top of the hill it was basically on the road. Then on February 26 at one in the morning in 2011, literally 14 deer decided to cross the road at the same time. 13 of them ran across and one of them walked across extremely slow. I got lucky they decided to cross a good amount of time before I got to the spot, thus giving me enough time to brake since the road I was on was a 55 mph road. I've made sure that in 2012 and 2013 that I will not be driving on the road in the morning on February 26th. Will do the same again this year. No way, no how.

    • Wow that is just wow!

    • lanes* not lines

  • oooooh my youth... oooh...my youth...

  • "Never expect morality from women".

    • I know they're not all like that.I have met ONE trustworthy woman.It wouldn't pay to trust the rest of them,if there was anything to lose by trusting them.Your chances of winning the lottery would be better.Only trust them when you have nothing to lose.The more you put into a relationship or partnership,the more you stand to lose.It's not a case of IF,it's a case of WHEN.

    • I am sorry you have been hurt so much that you now believe this fully :( But there are good ones who do not do what you are speaking of. How can you judge an entire population of approximately 3,386,509,865 women in the world based on the actions of a few 'bad apples'?Really saddening for me that you feel this way.

    • Sooner or later,most will find an opportunity,They can fool you for a long time,waiting for that opportunity.You'll think you can trust them,until that opportunity arrives.

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  • Get laid. Oh yea, Boooo! :P

    • Ahhhhhhhhhh!

  • "Keep up the good work."

  • Go Left

    • Lol! And don't forget stealing cookies :P

    • Yep my hobbies include giving compliments and not answering questions

    • Well thank you kind sir :)

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  • Save all of your dough.

  • Just do it.

    • A man who had murdered a few people was sentenced to death by electrocution and when asked if he had any last words before they placed the bag over his head he said "Let's do it" The ad guy for the Nike campain got somehow "inspired" by these words and changed the Let's to Just... which went on to be their big slogan to this day... My graphics design lecturer told us that... Crazy huh!

    • No, I don't.

    • Do you know the origin of these words? Nike didn't know either until after they had used it as their slogan.

  • DON'T PLAY XBOX! SOCIALIZE! that way I wouldn't have panic attacks now.

  • She's not worth it. Run.

    • See above for more details,before you lose most of you have earned in your lifetime.

  • Stay the course

  • Watch out for crazy bitches.

  • Crush ass, suicide at 30

    • What? *puzzled face*

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  • "Get your shit together"I mean, my life's in order now but it would have been nice to get it in order a long time ago.

  • "Don't believe all the assholes who are going to tell you that you're not enough; not good enough, not pretty enough, not curvy enough, not skinny enough. You are ALWAYS going to be enough."

    • I can totally relate ^_^

    • Aw, thanks. (: <3 I just really wish I would have received something like that, it really would have helped my self-esteem.

    • <3 This :)

  • Iceberg ahead

    • Titanic?

  • Just live life your way! :D

  • I would say 'Put yourself out there'. that's 4 but still..

  • Don't sleep with Brandon Byron

  • Stop being so shy, you're much smarter than you think, don't drink, don't date the pharmacist, work harder at the beginning of college, don't take 9 mile home from the gym or you will have this awesome burn scar on your chest and messed up knees. But mostly, take care of yourself so you don't have to do as much damage control when you're older. You're worth it.

  • Honestly work harder in school.

  • "Don't drink the water"If you can't fuck with yourself...

  • "Don't worry, you'll find friends."

  • Play Lotto, the numbers are: [insert a winning combination with a date]" Srsly tho, I think that would be "write a lot". I would know what I mean.

  • Think short term, not long.

  • I love you.

    • Awww

  • A warning to myself [watch out for that car] I was run down by a venicle when I was 15.

    • Oh wow! Thank heavens!

    • Serious yes, I was lucky the doc didn't think I was going to pull through I'm OK now just walk with a limp.

    • Oh My GOSH are you serious! Are you okay now? Did you recover fully? Thank heavens you're alive! OMG!

  • Do the IB program, stupid!

  • You have it good right now, idiot.

  • ''You survived because of love.''

  • don't run from opportunity

  • "You deserve much better, sincerely"I regret not letting go of certain toxic relationships earlier. I regret not letting in some people earlier because of that.

  • "Screw your principles and beliefs about the world. You'll just be disappointed and disillusioned and learn that life is not what you think it is. You'll turn out to be the person you swore you'd never want to be, anyway."

  • Don't sweat the small stuff.