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Signs of interest or just being friendly?

So there is this girl that works at a Gas station/ Laundry mat that I am interested in but I am not sure if a couple of the things that she did are... Show More

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  • so she opened the door for you and asked you about your car...as signs of interest? Come on man are you kidding me...so basicall your saying every guy a girl makes small talk with is interested in him? dude...but to answer your question. You cannot tell if its interest from a door being opened and a small talk convo...and even so I doubt that those two meant anything even if she was interested or not. Rather than wonder,Try asking her out. That always works.

    • You could have left out the first couple of sentences because they seem kind of harsh. And I wasn't saying that these are definate signs of interest, I was asking if they could be. And honestly of all the girls that I know on the same level that I know her, that is I know her only because I see her on occasion at her place of work, she is the only girl that has went out of her way to do something for me or even tried to start a conversation. Therefore it is something out of the ordinary to me

    • It was harsh and I did it on purpose for a reason. Because that wasn't the best thing to be curious about. Doors open all the time, small talk happens all the time. Think about that a little bit more. As far as her doing something different than what your used to also happens everyday. I do the same thing as the girl you listed does. I hold doors open. Sure not everyone does it. Very few do...but that doesn't mean I could be interested in you. I tell everyone this ..

    • It doesn't matter what teh situation is...if your unsure about something you can save yourself a whole lot of agony, wonder, and time...if you just ask and communicate.I tell EVERYONE this.

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  • So far it sounds like friendly interaction but that's how it starts. Why not ask her if she'd like to grab a cup of coffee or lunch sometimes and go from there.

  • take a second and watch her interact with other customers too (NOT in a creepy way, get a coffee or something, and casually observe her with other customers)

  • Honestly? It just seems too soon to tell.From what you've said, it just sounds like she's being nice and friendly.

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