If you text someone and when ending the conversation when say goodnight / sweet dreams...?

Does it mean the person likes you if they text you that?


And if your the one the to text that will the other person take that as a sign of you liking / interested being in them

just wondering cause this guy I text always says goodnight :) and once said goodnight and sweet dreams :). An yesterday I texted him sweet dreams night at the end of the conversation when he said goodnight:)


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  • See, I used to think that if a guy did text you 'sweet dreams' or 'good night', it meant that he likes you, but once I had a family friend's son do that to me every night before we both went to bed, and I just thought it was normal for a guy to do that to a girl. Either that or I read this sign completely wrong! :O


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  • It means nothing other than good night. It is simply a nice way to end a conversation.


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  • I has a situation like this one time, but it was kind of sketchy and complicated. This guy and I had started talking and I told him I was going to bed and he would tell me the same thing "goodnight and sweet dreams" We had nothing going on between the two of us at this time. Don't get your hopes up yet.

  • my boyfriend does that, I reallythink it does mean he likesyou, my boyfriend likes to have the last word. last night I was texting him and this is how it went:

    him: so itext yousome other time?

    me: tomorrow... nite :)

    him: good night

    hes soo sweet... but hasn't texted me today yet...

  • My friends text me goodnight if it's late at night and we happen to be texting. It's just an appropriate salutation.

    If this guy is a close friend of yours and he says "sweet dreams", then I wouldn't think anything of it. If you don't know him all that well or you haven't known him for very long and he says that, then it may mean that he has feelings for you.

  • ya he cares for you more then just a friend my boyfriend texts me with the same thing but instead of using the same word he used on me "sweet dreams" I say goodnite sleeptite..