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Girls what do you think about cowboys?

When I say cowboy I mean a guy that drives a truck and rodeos lives on a farm when he goes out he's always got his cowboy hat on. If your a city girl... Show More

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  • I'm a goth girl that LOVES cowboys! This is so weird but I saw my crush in a cowboy hat for halloween last year and I was so hooked. It was funny because this guy is a skater punk. I don't see anything wrong with roping and ridin. Yee haaw!

    I'm a city slicker however, I would be a little hard to intergrate. I've never been on a horse EVER, I have never done anytype of farming activity (it would be cute to make me learn), and I don't know anything about picking out my hat. I do know drinking though.

    Well G.A.G...How do you like me now?

    • Is it for true cowboys or just guys dressed up like one?

    • I haven't had the opportunity to fill either fantasy to be honest, so I'm not terribly sure to be quite honest.

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  • Im a good ole southern country girl and I LOVE COWBOYS! Big trucks, farmboys, dirt, fishin, huntin, the whole shabang. There ain't anything sexier.

  • To me they mean something like this


    They are so hot...all male and macho !

  • I would hope that women would date you based upon who you are as a person and not how you dressed and such.

  • I'm a country girl, and I like cowboys, so I would have no problem dating them. I always saw myself marrying one someday, but that probably won't ever happen. :( My boyfriend (whom I love very much) just isn't into horses, he prefers cars, and because he's one of the garbage department, he can't live too far outta town. But back to the question, yes, I would personally date a cowboy.

  • well me personaly I was rasid in the city but I have a heart that belongs in the country and I LOVE cowboys...my current boyfriend future husband is actully a cowboy...and he's the greatest thing that ever happened to me...for me when I guy lives on a farm and has to take care of it...it shows that you actully have a work ethic and ur not a lazy ass bum...but it shoudln't matter what you look like and aslong as you don't live in a box it dosen't really matter where you live who ever your with should love you either way...sorry if I wrote a lot just very opiniated.

  • The truth...I have never understood the cowboy appeal. It's just not part of my cultural reference. A huge part of that is because I'm not an all-American cowgirl and so couldn't see myself next to you. I've always liked the scholarly types with Ralph Lauren polos, cashmere sweaters, and a sexy pair of glasses. I don't care for farm life, trucks or country music, but love art galleries, sushi and classical music. I'm not dissing the cowboy appeal as a total just explaining what I like better and why. It also doesn't mean I would reject you out of hand but I definitely wouldn't go looking for someone with your appeal. We'd be at constant odds.

  • Hugeee turn on for me. I have been riding all my life english/western and I would love to have someone that enjoys riding/showing as well. I have always dreamed of owning a ranch and raising border collies, throughbreds/quarter horses/fjords, and cattle. So yes if the cowboy fit the criteria and loved me for who I am I don't see why not!

  • I'm a city girl but love the farm and horses and all that. I wish I could live on one. I would love to have a cow...raw milk is the best. I would love all that farm stuff. So I would say hot for sure.

  • Cowboys are hot!

  • I love cowboys and I am a country girl. So I know how cowboys are and ya I would still date one. Ya cowboys are hot and if I could find me a good cowboy I don’t think id let him get away. Cowboys are assume and rodeo is the best especially ropers and bulldoggers. But for me if your personality is not good thin it just ruins how hot you might be lol but that’s just me.

  • I personally think there are certain types for everyone. Some girls like cowboys others don't. I personally wouldn't date one, but that's more because I am severely allergic to horses and hay, so I would probably die.

    But you need to be you and find a girl that is interested.

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