Girls what do you think about cowboys?

When I say cowboy I mean a guy that drives a truck and rodeos lives on a farm when he goes out he's always got his cowboy hat on. If your a city girl would you date him or think he's hot?If your more or a country or cowgirl would you not date him because you know how we are?

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm a goth girl that LOVES cowboys! This is so weird but I saw my crush in a cowboy hat for halloween last year and I was so hooked. It was funny because this guy is a skater punk. I don't see anything wrong with roping and ridin. Yee haaw!

    I'm a city slicker however, I would be a little hard to intergrate. I've never been on a horse EVER, I have never done anytype of farming activity (it would be cute to make me learn), and I don't know anything about picking out my hat. I do know drinking though.

    Well G.A.G...How do you like me now?

    • Is it for true cowboys or just guys dressed up like one?

    • I haven't had the opportunity to fill either fantasy to be honest, so I'm not terribly sure to be quite honest.