Are goth girls attractive?

Are goth girls attractive? Take this one for example: link link



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  • The girl from the first link is cute, but her look doesn't really scream 'goth'. The second link doesn't work for me.When most people think goth, they think teenage mall-goths decked out in Hot Topic gear. When I think goth [as far as appearances go], I think Victorian-esque, deathrock, or post-punk, usually. There are a lot of different 'kinds' of gothic style and music, and they're often intermixed. I think they can be very attractive when done right: link link link And I think Siouxsie has always and will always look amazing: link link Those are just my thoughts though. I understand that most people aren't into such things, but I think they're beautiful and I obviously don't shy away from alternative looks, haha. At the end of the day, an attractive girl is an attractive girl, and everyone is attracted to something different.

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  • yeah goth girls can be way HOTT but they have to be in shape the stuff on them doesn't make them THAT HOT just how they act with such confidence

  • well both the links are dead but in answer to your question...HELL YEAH! I don't know what it is about those little devils but holy crap they are fine...why are you one? *wink*

  • I've had a crush on a few in the past but I never had the courage to ask them out.

  • sorry but no, I thnk she's mis-representing them because I've seen better lookn gothic grls

  • Goth is not an attractive style. It is too dark, dreary...gothic, lol.

  • no goths are gross

  • Depends on the girl. This girl is utterly unattractive.

  • yeah, she's attractive

  • I don't know about hot, but I certainly think she's attractive.

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  • Goth girls are really f***ing hot I love the whole style, make up and music!

  • eek ! scarrrry !theres someone out there for everyone though =)

  • No, they make me depressed...

  • some girls can pull it off. usually, no I don't think they are attractive.

  • That girl is so unattractive.. Some girls can pull it off but this girl just does NOT look good.

  • that girl is unattractive. you couldn't have picked an uglier specimen.

  • no I dony put a bit of colour I ur life brighten ur self up lol then she cld b attrCTIVE BUT NT LOOKIN LIKE THAT TBH

    • The point of goth is to be dark not bright

  • i think they can be very hot. depends though the first girl has no idea what she's doing. I can be goth some days and I get looks some are WHAT THE HELL and others are like mmm that's hot. it all depends. yeah I don't think these two girls are goth... maybe more emo..

  • no

  • there is always a guy that will find every type of girl attractive no matter what she look like, and personally I think she's attractive