How does a shy guy meet girls?

alright. I'm single and looking once again. my only hassle is that I'm at an all boys private school. and I have virtually no female friends. how am... Show More

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  • Faking it till you make always worked for me when I was shy. I stil have my moments , but everyone loves a person that just seems to sweat confidence. Sometimes you just have to jump in the fire, swallow your guts and go for it. No matter how scared you may be... just talk to someone, anyone you'll find your person as long as you always seem like an open guy, an easy person to talk to then you have a lot more options.

    hope I helped =)

    - Melody

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    • Haha I'll give it a go some time. I just have to go out with some mates I guess, won't know for sure till then =]

    • Yea that will definantly help, having friends around always gives me an extra boast of confidence. =)