Guys: Do you really go crazy over a girl's smile?

if she has this great smile..

like Big mouth, perfect lips & teeth :)

Can a smile really be a big TURN ON ? wanna no ;)

sorry . not Necessarily big mouth.. just beautiful smile LOL


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  • I wouldn't say "crazy", and they don't turn me on, but it is nice to see a girl that I like smiling. And, no, I don't care about mouth size or how perfect the lips are, and teeth are fine along as they're not crooked and/or rotting. Perfection, for the most part, is overrated.


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  • I don't know about off-the-wall crazy, but it definitely would get my attention.

  • Not something that makes me go crazy, like legs and ass does.

  • Crazy? No. I just enjoy a beautiful smile.

  • oh I LOVE it

    def. a turn on!

    when she smiles all the time and have a awesome smile

    i LOVE IT!

    its not a deal breaker or a deal maker but its def a turn on

    nice smile and nice eyes oh man

  • like one of the guys said wouldn't go crazy but it would make me feel, well like wow what a nice smile

  • nah would not make me go crazy but having a gd smile is a plus for me but if you did not have a gd smiel I wouldn't go o no I ain't going with you lol


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