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Great exercises that will get your heart-rate up and keep it up.

What other exercises besides Running and Mountain Biking, are good for getting your heart-rate up? so far the only other activity I can think of is... Show More

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  • 60 push ups in 45 seconds? :-S

    • Running up the stairs instead of taking the elevator?

What Girls Said 3

  • something really easy to do, run up and down the stairs 10 times. That'll get your heart rate up! :)

  • Do some swimming, you'll work out your whole body and your heart rate will stay up.

  • trampoline

What Guys Said 5

  • Anything in Plyometrics.

  • eating cheesecake is a good exercise.

  • boxing, kickboxing, judo ect. even just hitting the heavy bag for 3omins straight. rowing, high intensity lifting and core workout. anything involving the outdoors, swimming, hiking, mountain climbing, playing sports. if it involves a lot of muscle effort or the effort of a big muscle(quads) for a long period of time, it will get the heart rate up.

  • Boxing or just practicing with a punching bag

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