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Can a man talk to much?

Can a man talk to much ?

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  • No as long as you keep the conversation interesting and long that's all that matters !

What Girls Said 6

  • Absofreakinlutely ! I know guys who talk more than any girl I've ever known . W/O a doubt girls generally do talk more than guys but it is not impossible for a guy to talk a lot .

  • Yes . Personally I hate small talk and I don't like when a guy asks me a lotta questions (especially stupid broad ones) when I don't know him . I don't mind if a guy talks about himself . But keep it interesting and not too long

  • Sometimes but most of the time NO if you think you talk to much listen to yourself when your out with all your friends or on a date if you think your doing most of the talking then cut back a little

  • Omg yes

    especially if the guy continues to talk about sports and sports and sports and sports etc

    to be honest girls would like a little more variety in conversation than that

    having good conversation skills is important but silence has it's place and so does letting someone else speak!

    • :P

  • If it is about another woman . Yes . It seems to me that men do not talk enough about themselves, interest, feelings etc . A give and take conversation can be great and rewarding .

What Guys Said 2

  • Can a women be too competitive ?

    Yes, come on now .

  • Yes, definitely . When I'm nervous, my logical mind takes over and starts ordering my words (I list things off verbally rather than mentally) . That's bad as it takes away from my self-control . That's REALLY bad . I start talking rubbish, and I cringe at the two main times this has happened to me and all the stupid things I revealed because my self-control had left the building . The second time it happened was the first time I told a girl how I felt . Instead of being romantic as I'd wanted, I came off as a blabbering idiot .

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