My boyfriend doesn't get jealous?

so my boyfriend doesn't get jealous about anything. I asked him a question, what if I told you that there's a hot guy at work and he always hits on me, and he told me he would just be like OK. and he was like what did you expect me to do get all upset and throw a fit. why wouldn't he even get upset just a little, this is confusing to me.


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  • Another possibility: he just doesn't care that much about losing you. Or, he could be messing with your head by PRETENDING he doesn't care. Impossible to tell. The real question is, why play these "make him jealous" games and cause yourself to worry needlessly? Just have a good time with him, and in time you'll know whether he's as honest as you thought.


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  • Well either he is really trusting of you and knows in his heart and mind you wouldn't cheat or take the advances of another guy.

    Also is a chance he was just playing it off, after all we can all talk but we have no clue on how we would really act until we are in the situation.

  • why should he get jealous? no guy should care if another guy is attracted to your girl, or flirts with her, unless that guy is a close friend. it is up to the woman to show her loyalty and commitment and to handle that situation appropriately. if she will not, then she's obviously not the girl you want to be in a relationship with. purposely trying to make your ex jealous, for your own satisfaction, is a stupid game, that only immature kids play. act like an adult.

    • Didnt mean, ex, meant boyfriend. had a similar situation a couple days ago, involving one of my co-workers and his ex that we were discussing, lol.

  • Ah he is same as me ! my ex girlfrnd also used to think like you ... she always wanted to know that why I don't feel jealous but :( I never answered her and now I can't answered her . but I can tell you :) look its all due to trust . he trust you lot thts y he don't bother about others and its a gud thing . I am relating it to my case only might be he has someone else in his life thts why he is acting like this


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