Why do guys like it when girls sit on their laps?

My boyfriend is always wanting me to sit on him, but I always say no because I think I am too heavy and might crush him! I am not like morbidly obese, but overweight, although my boyfriend doesn't seem to mind. He has some muscles but he's not like a body builder though. This may sound like a stupid question, and I am sorry.


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  • think most guys would like it when a girl sits on them especially if she was good looking or there girlfriend . I know I wouldn't mind if she did this


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  • Because it feels good to have a girls butt on your lap.

    It can aslo be stimulating

  • Listen... I think he is being intimate with you. He showing you that he accepts you and wants to hold you. it shows he is comfortable with your body as well as who you are. It could mean he feels like you are accepting him by wanting to be in his space. I guess he could be a sexual sometimes...but I really feel he is showing he cares about you.


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