Dentures .....will he freak when he finds out ?

I am 33 and have dentures. I was in an abusive relationship is why. He knocked my teeth out. my dentures are pretty, and look real, they were sculpted from my dental records and pictures of me before I lost my teeth. They do not look like old people teeth. I put a lot of money into making them look as real as possible. I am built pretty good, I have nice hair and skin, I stay tanned and stay in shape. The only thing about me that I hate is my teeth being fake. I haven't kissed anyone since I got them, and I am so scared that when I tell the one I am dating, that I have fake teeth, that he will freak. But I'm afraid if I don't tell him, then he might feel it when we kiss and really freak. What do I do ? And....GUYS : If you had a good looking gal who was fun to be with , had a good personality, and a good head on her shoulders, and adored you and then you found out her teeth was fake, what would you do ?


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  • Anonymous,

    First of all, congratulations on getting out of that relationship. I can't imagine how hard that was (is), and the fact that you moved on, and are where you are today, should give you constant courage to keep moving forward with whatever life throws your way.

    As far as your guy is concerned, I can't imagine a guy that is really into you letting that mess things up. I mean, really, that is such a minor thing in my mind, I probably wouldn't even think twice about it. Trust me, when a guy cares for you he will not let stuff like crazy family (if your reading baby, I'm sorry), or personal afflictions, history, or awkward bedtime preferences (... sorry baby) ruin a good thing with you.

    I would tell him, and also just explain everything. Also, if it knocks him back a little bit, don't freak, sometime shocking news, well, shocks us. But I am sure that everything will work out fine. Just don't let him find out by accident, because then there would be a very awkward tension that would be difficult to settle and that would really just cause undue stress.

    Again,... I know your worried, but I don't think you should. You've made it to where you are now, and you will keep taking each step after this as well.

    Best wishes.

    • Thank you so much. I think the day before I tell him, that I will come back and read these responses to give me more courage. I really appreciate it.


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  • The situation, though it may seem complicated, I think is rather easy to deal with. A good person, a good guy, hearing ahead of time you have dentures would probably be shocked, but after talking about it and hearing the story get over it. Perfect person or not, everyone is going to be initially shocked, the real question is whether or not that person will still care about you despite that, and if he does, he's a keeper.

    I'd tell him before hand, but only after a few dates and you're positive he likes you. Hold off on kissing, that way he becomes interested in why you aren't, and then you tell him. If he's okay with it, then you've found yourself a good guy.

    Use this to your advantage! Weed out bad men from good ones :)

    I'm so sorry for what happened, and for how well you've pushed forward, truly inspires me, thank you, and best of luck.

    • Thank you so much for your answer and especially for the last part, that encourages me a little more. It's funny how guys are ok with girls having fake boobs, fake hair, fake fingernails, fake tans, etc. MOST girls DO have SOMETHING fake about them, it just seems I have the worst one.

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    • Whats wrong with fake long as it looks nice and not overly done, what's wrong with that?!

    • It ain't that there's something wrong with it, its just a preference of certain peoples. Some people like it, some people don't, some people don't care.

  • I am a man.
    I think that young woman with dentures are the sexiest woman on the world.
    I dream for girlfriend with dentures.
    I would love to talk about it if you do not mind.

  • They don't bother me at all


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  • Ok, first off I just want to say.....WHAT A EFFING BASTARD! I hope he's rotting in jail for that. I'm surprised you didn't go for implants though. I'm sure it's painful but they are the best bet.

    Second of all, I really don't have any advice for it but I hope you get the answers you need. Good luck. And look out for more a-holes like the ex.

    • LOL, thanks. yeah I learned a lesson, I will never let a man do me that way again. It was one of those hard to get out of things. But the reason I have not gotten implants is, 1). I have heard too many horror stories when a person has to have ALL teeth implanted...and 2.) I have 2 small kids and I cannot be laid up for the 9 months they say that it takes to heal. Maybe later on, but right now, I'm stuck with this. Thanks for your reply. Wish me luck, if I get rejected it will destroy me.

  • i doubt he;d care

  • i had the same problem. the ex knocking my teeth out. I haven't had any trouble getting guys even with no front teeth ;)

  • I am with a guy who has dentures and he is only 37. He told me over the phone before we even met. I thought it was a little weird but I love him and I over look it. We kiss and we French kiss and I see no difference. Good luck and I hope the bastard ex got what he deserved!

    • Honestly ! You can't tell when you french kiss ? That helps me so much. Do you think you would have known if he hadn't told you ? Or are you glad he told you first or what ?

    • No, can't tell when french kissing and I don't think I would of known had he not tell me. I am very glad he told me because we are now serious and I am sure I would of found out sooner or later and I'd rather know than being surprised by it. I think that would be more upsetting to me. He treats me better than any guy with teeth! It doesn't matter to me. good luck!

    • Thanks again, that's exactly what I needed, was to know from somebody with experience. That really helps me to think maybe it's not as big of a deal as I feel like it is.