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Are straight teeth important for guys?girls?

Do straight teeth make a girl/guy more beautiful/handsome or could you live without them?

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  • They're not that important to me.Now,if they were yellow and rotting I might be turned away by that but not just if they were crooked.Back when I was working my summer job,there was this guy that worked near me and I thought he was just so cute.But,guess what?He had pretty crooked teeth.Wanna know another thing?It made him even cuter.It gave him character.I believe if a persons teeth are so bad that there are two where there should be only one(one of those cases where the teeth overlap each other),perhaps they are not doing all they can but if they are simply crooked,I wouldn't be phased.Maybe its just me.Either way,I don't think that the straightness of a person's teeth defines who they are.You gotta look deeper. =)

What Guys Said 5

  • Crooked teeth is not attractive at all. But it's not a deal breaker for some.

  • Important for everybody as nobody understands how underestimated the power of a good smile is.

  • within reason they don't have to be perfectly straight. but they are important

  • as superficial as it may sound...to some extent yes, but that's just our society pointing out the negatives in people instead of focusing on the positives.

  • They are important. They are a sign of good physical health so they are generally very important. Do they have to be perfectly straight? No.

    • Disagree. Perfectly aligned teeth is not a sign of good "Physical health". But white teeth are a sign of good health and hygiene.

What Girls Said 8

  • it shouldn't matter, what makes someone beautiful is what is on the inside that counts, someone who smiles and is always happy, will make you feel happy too whether they have straight teeth or not x

  • I personally find a straight, white smile very attractive. It shows that a person finds dental hygiene important, and I think that kind of translates into other areas of a person's life as well. Plus, who can't help but look at a perfect smile, and, assuming it's genuine, think that it completely lights up a person's face?

  • Well no.. but as a girl, if a girl has really messed up teeth, I will point it out to my friends.

    If a guy has really messed up teeth, I wouldn't be interested.

    They don't have to be perfect, just not all over the place.

  • Nice teeth make a smile so much better. That being said, I hate my teeth. I had braces for a long time, but after I got my retainer, I wore it at night like I was supposed to, till my teeth grew back out and my retainer didn't even fit anymore.

    No one ever comments on my teeth, but I hate showing them.

    I don't mind a little gap or anything. I think it's cute. But my teeth (the ones in front) are spaced out and slightly crooked. I've often wonder what people think about my teeth. But I can't afford to have braces again...

  • As long as they're clean I don't think it matters that much.

  • To me it is. Nice teeth make anyone better looking

  • Yes it does.

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