Are straight teeth important for guys?girls?

Do straight teeth make a girl/guy more beautiful/handsome or could you live without them?


Most Helpful Girl

  • They're not that important to me.Now,if they were yellow and rotting I might be turned away by that but not just if they were crooked.Back when I was working my summer job,there was this guy that worked near me and I thought he was just so cute.But,guess what?He had pretty crooked teeth.Wanna know another thing?It made him even cuter.It gave him character.I believe if a persons teeth are so bad that there are two where there should be only one(one of those cases where the teeth overlap each other),perhaps they are not doing all they can but if they are simply crooked,I wouldn't be phased.Maybe its just me.Either way,I don't think that the straightness of a person's teeth defines who they are.You gotta look deeper. =)