Why do fat people smell??

I dated a plus size woman few days ago. everything goes well, great people, and company, but when we start making out I smell some bad BO from her.

few days later she come to visit, and claim she took a shower in the morning but when we cuddle on the bed that I smell the same smell again.

My question is, is fat people smell bad?

i dun mean to offend anyone here, just want an answer


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  • Ugh I know a girl like that. It's usually with really obese people, not just regular fat people. It's because sweat & bacteria gets caught in their rolls. Not all fat people smell like that, but if they don't take good care of themselves and are prone to sweating.ooh and don't let it be hot outside! they are going to stink


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  • Fat people don't smell any more than skinny people do. o_0

    This person in particular might have some sort of BO problem, but it's hard to tell what just from this information.

  • SHE is not taking care of herself! Not all people smell - or fat in your case - she must not know how to take care of herself! So stop judging and go out with a girl or a fat girl in your case but you call them plus size with good hygiene!

  • Well, anyone can smell bad if you don't take care of yourself. I know lots of skinny people who smell bad and then I also know "fat" people that smell bad. It's all about hygiene. I guess people who smell bad don't really give a crap about themselves.

  • Well I suppose they are more prone to overheating and sweating, which would explain the BO. There might be a better answer though.

    • Why did people disagree with that?

      It was a fairly plausible answer

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    • No but more overweight people are often less fit and exercise makes then sweat more, and they get hotter over smaller things. Obviously there are exceptions but in general that is the case. I'm not judging, I have no prejudices against fat people at all.

    • You have a room with temperature of 73degrees. Skinny guy and the fat guy....pretty sure skinny guy will be cold, and the Mr.Fatass won't even feel it.

      And why do you think we do not have huge animals? Because more body mass more heat they produce. More heat, more sweat to cool off. Simple science people!

  • A better question is why does SHE smell. All fat people don't smell just like all black people can't dance or all blond co-eds aren't promiscuous. I have known plenty of skinny people who have smelled to high heaven and plenty of obese people who've smelled great.

    It's a very personal issue and probably has to do with low self esteem.

    You haven't mentioned how you have dated millions of fat people to which you have come up with this generalization, it's just this one girl. Buy her a bath kit and wash her. Make it sensual and she won't know what your real intentions are.

    I've had to do this before.lol

    Good luck!

  • Extremely over weight people will often bathe several times a day, the problem happens when they don't dry off thoroughly and they develop a yeast infection in their folds and creases (this causes the smell), all they need is an anti fungal soap and to perhaps use a blow dryer when they get out of the shower.

  • Wow... I can't believe someone actually asked this question. It shows your bias.

    Fat people don't stink be cause they are fat. However, anyone that doesn't wash properly will stink. That applies to skinny, regular sized, and fat people.

    You might also take into consideration that certain foods can make people smell bad.

    I also read a comment that said something like "a skinny guy in a 73F room will be cold, but a fat guy won't feel anything"... That is incorrect. Our bodies are not like those of other animals. Our fat isn't the same kind of insulation that a whale would have (for example). Our reaction to cold has more to do with our skin (and nerves)...not how skinny or fat we may be.

    It's sad to see that this is obviously one of the last "acceptable" prejudices. Go out and make a fat friend today. You'll see that they are every bit as human as you are. Remember that everyone has their vices. EVERYONE. It's just that a fat person's may be food. It can be a drug of choice. It's crazy, you don't see alcoholics and coke heads being referred to in such hateful and negative tones... even though the addiction is similar.

    • Its not a bias actually. Often times if a person has folds in their skin due to extra fat when they sweat (like everyone does regardless of weight) the sweat is left in the dark moist folds which allows bacteria to grow which then creates a foul smell just like it does in arm pits.

  • I am not fat but my breast are miserably large. I have raised them to cool off and smelled an odor. I started putting powder or deodorant under them and it helps tremendously. Odor surely develops where air cannot circulate! Notice we have bad breath when awakening in the morning. The mouth has been closed all night and really gets stinky!

  • Depending on how fat she actually was depends on the answer. If she had so many folds of skin that the sweat lingered and she couldn't wash properly then that may be why.

    But if she wasn't that fat probably just a poor hygiene routine.

  • i don't think that you can say that all fat people smell. I got to know fatter people who smelled and some who didn't.

    but I think a main reason why fatter people smell is because they start to sweat earlier than skinnier people do

    from what you wrote I guess you already told her that she smells, so I think she should take more showers and take a deodorant with her

    • Yea once again ur not thinking either....The damn rules apply to everybody! You don't take a shower you smell whether your fat or thin! Remember that!

    • Yeah its true I didn't say that ( you don't take a shower) part is only for fatter people. of course there are a lot skinny people who smell bad too because they don't take care of themselves.

      and as I said, I don't think fatter people smell because they are fat ;) I know many who don't smell at all

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  • I don't know if this helps any but sometimes when someone eats a lot of something day in and day out - something potent like garlic - then when they sweat or perspire you may be able to smell it on them. But someone who seems to be sweating out a garlic B.O.(or something relevant) is way worse than someone who doesn't.

    And the other two things that comes to mind is that if you're a smoker and you sweat you have a different B.O. than someone who doesn't. And the other one is if she has a pet that doesn't have too great an odor and she pets the animal a lot and the smell carries over. Like, if her dog needs a bath, then she can take as many showers as she wants but every time she pets the dog you have a good chance to smell a lingering odor. And then to add in perspiration on top of it - would make it worse.

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  • No its true more fat people do smell worse than normal people. Its common sense, fat people don't exersize and take care of their body so they sweat more and have a stench and normal sized people exersize more and clean themselves properly so they don't smell. If you see that fat girl again just tell her the truth that her odor is offensive and to put on deodorant. Better to be honest instead of pretending your OK with her smelling like a fatass.