Why do guys like really skinny girls?

people always say that men like womanly curves and stuff, well how come the anorexic looking girls always have boyfriends?

i don't mean a regular skinny girl, but I'm talking about size 00 girls or rail thin. I have friends who obviously don't eat but they are always chased after, is it more attractive to look like that?

i mean a nicole richie body type. where the bones are jutting out


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  • I do not like these really skinny girls

    I like girls that are close to normal healthy weight, maybe ±5-10 lbs

    I also like girls that are a bit muscular (but she still has to eat something!). Note here I'm only talking about some muscles on a healthy-weight body, possibly a six-pack, but not something that's too big even for a guy muscles

    Let me tell you, I do NOT think it's more attractive to look like 00 rail thin!

    Regular skinny girls are OK

    The only reason any guy would consider an anorexic is that he wouldn't have to take her out to eat at expensive restaurants--she wouldn't like it!


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  • In my opinion, which is only my opinion, the Really skinny girls are most attractive. I don't know why this is, but for me at least, it is almost a fetish. The thinner someone is, the more hot they are.

    As far as most men, I think that they like the girls that are both thin and have womanly curves. There is something that is still said about the hourglass figure. Thin waists and large asses and breasts are a turn on for most men.

    Unfortunately for most women, as soon as she is slightly overweight, the "hotness" of the girl plummets. I can't explain it.

    I'm not saying we're correct, I'm saying we're shallow.

    • I wonder if my answer and Obscene's answer are marked down because of the opinions they have about the girls themselves, or the explanations

  • Physically and sexually, very skinny girls are the most desirable to men for many reasons. Skinny girls are healthier than fat girls and they live longer, statistically. Men know that. A skinny physique enhances a girl’s femininity. Skinny girls have very thin skin which is usually quite tight over the bone so the physical sensation from touching is much more stimulating. They are usually much tighter down there, too. And a skinny bony body just looks hot, pleasing to the eye. A man can really be proud to show off his girlfriend’s skinny body in tight clothes, etc. Skinny girls also are more loyal, anecdotally. Relationships with skinny girls are usually more intense and satisfying. But the main point is the sex is so much better than with a fat or medium girl.


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  • guys do prefer girls with curves but now a days more and more girls are stick thin so I maybe that's why because I haven't seen that many girls lately with nice curves all I've seen is skinny girls

  • it seems that way because of the media. they tell us that a woman is not sexy unless she weighs 95lbs. although guys still love petite girls with curves.look at selma hyeak.

  • Maybe it's because these girls have less body image issues, because society is more accepting of "thin". I have been skinny and fat and everywhere in between. Finally I got tired of being hungry (in order to lose weight I have to be hungry and obsessive, not very attractive in itself) And just decided to love myself and be comfortable with who I am. Then it was like lots of guys were just drawn to that inner confidence. I was like "I'm doing my own thing, if you like it great and if you don't, who cares". People do have their preferences, of course, some like skinny some like big some don't really care. The trick is to find what makes you feel pretty and comfortable.

  • Well it all seems to add up, guys like the skinny girls in the magazines and they always have men chasing after them, the same goes for the Really skinny girls in real life.

    The curvy girl theory is just the fashion industry trying to make us fatter.