Why do guys like really skinny girls?

people always say that men like womanly curves and stuff, well how come the anorexic looking girls always have boyfriends?

i don't mean a regular skinny girl, but I'm talking about size 00 girls or rail thin. I have friends who obviously don't eat but they are always chased after, is it more attractive to look like that?

i mean a nicole richie body type. where the bones are jutting out


Most Helpful Guy

  • I do not like these really skinny girls

    I like girls that are close to normal healthy weight, maybe ±5-10 lbs

    I also like girls that are a bit muscular (but she still has to eat something!). Note here I'm only talking about some muscles on a healthy-weight body, possibly a six-pack, but not something that's too big even for a guy muscles

    Let me tell you, I do NOT think it's more attractive to look like 00 rail thin!

    Regular skinny girls are OK

    The only reason any guy would consider an anorexic is that he wouldn't have to take her out to eat at expensive restaurants--she wouldn't like it!