Why do only fat girls like me?

Seriously, I definitely don't try, but it seems every girl I know who weighs 180 or more lbs. becomes extremely attracted to me.

Most recent example, I was talking to this one chick I work with about the world cup. Not 2 min later, she's asking me back to her place so we can "watch a game together sometime. ;)...she made it VERY clear what she meant, btw. I was grossed out. This "girl" is taller than me, is well over 200 lbs, and to top everything off already has a bf. So she's a pos, too.

I keep in very good shape-I'm 6' 1, 150 lbs...fairly skinny but very fit.

Skinny girls, or even normal-sized girls, don't show near the interest in me that the borderline obese do.

What is it about these beasts that make them throw themselves at me like this? It keeps happening!


Is it really so wrong to want someone who doesn't look like they eat cake for 5 meals a day, every day...on top of having a sh*tty personality. Don't I deserve better? Doesn't everyone deserve better?


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  • Firstly, Victoriathefirst, jump off of your high horse! Its people like you who make it seem acceptable to refer to someone who is overweight as a 'beast'. The funny thing is, I reckon that you either are or were overweight yourself, or you simply have a morbid obsession with your weight. Time to go and see a counselor I think.

    Oh and for your information, it is only the shallow, bitchy women such as yourself who judge people so cruelly. If we refer to a guy as a jerk or a creep then there is usually a good reason for it, not simply their size/shape/colour etc. You see, human beings like to get to know each other before judging...Perhaps you hell-born demons should fall out of the nasty tree and hit every nice branch on the way down. It might do you some good. :)

    Secondly, to the question asker, I think people are so offended about what you've said because the term is a tad harsh. I get that you've got caught up with writing the question, but perhaps a proof read might be a good idea in future. I agree that this girl has issues and is certainly not right to be attempting to cheat with you on her boyfriend..but the point is that she was just one of your examples, remember? And it isn't fair to judge and name people simply because of their size. Fair enough if you aren't attracted to them, but name calling is unnecessary.

    I think hope_9 has it right though -- maybe because you actually talk to them they think they've got a chance, because most others won't give them the time of day. Or maybe you're naturally flirty and just don't realise?

    Either way, perhaps next time just think before you post a question - if you use such controversial language then expect many of your responses to be about your terminology rather than actually answering your question.

    I'm not sure why the skinny, 'hot' women aren't going for you...but perhaps they sense there is something judgemental about you. Most women have moments where they feel insecure, and they certainly won't want to be with someone with whom they don't feel comfortable enough to be who they are. Lose the attitude and the chip on your shoulder and you'll probably have better luck in the future.

    I hope this helps...And please, please, please don't listen to people like Victoriathefirst; she is most certainly not representative of the general female populace and it is women like her who should be avoided at all costs and eventually bred out of the population. Here's hoping.

    • Oh wow! Thanks for best answer!

      In answer to your update:

      There's nothing wrong with finding bigger women unattractive, that is simply your preference. The only problem arises if you behave towards them or speak about them in a demeaning manner.

      I might actually take a moment to point out that some guys actually prefer bigger women...as I said, it's about preference :)

      You do, however, deserve someone with a wonderful personality, as does everyone-but its like karma..be nice to get nice.

    • I totally agree with her.

      and to answer your question, yes everyone does deserve someone wonderful that can complete them, but the way that they act determines how much that they deserve that wonderful special someone. Honey atracts bees better than vinegar, always treat women with honey or in other words sweetness and kindness and I garuntee you that you will find your special someone sooner :)

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  • There's nothing wrong with wanting to date a woman who takes care of themselves when you take care of yourself too. Just watch the attitude. Attractive women aren't going to be interested in you either if you're rude to women who like you ( no matter their size). You'd think a girl was a jerk if she was going on and on about all the nasty beasts coming up to her all the time. You probably wouldn't be very likely to be interested in her or ask her out.

    • Since when DON"T nearly all women go on and on about the losers, the creeps, the tired, the poor, the huddled masses, any guy without money.....

      EVeryday talk for you sisters. Look in a mirror sometime.

    • Lol maybe girls like you do. But I don't say horrible things about some poor guy that just liked me and wanted me to hang out with him. They only get talked about if they were jerks. Don't come at me thinking all girls are like you.

    • Thank you vmw2008 That was my point.

  • I was going to say that maybe its your personality that's attracting so many girls at first, but after you referred to the girls as "beasts" and "borderline obese" I kind of doubt it's your personality! Lol. Maybe its just a coincidence that all these girls that have liked you have been bigger girls.

    • "Beasts" may have been a bit harsh. I was caught up in my writing.

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    • If she were her size, with a good personality, I might not be asking this question. She clearly has bad issues...not many like working with her.

    • He should have said beached whales.

  • Well wow, you are an ass. I would say that is harsh but it isn't. I can tell you have a problem...not sure what it is though. Did you get bit by a donkey and catch a bad case of jackass? (Bad joke I know, sorry!)

    Anyway I feel you have need to show this side of yourself more. Then (as you would call them) "breasts" won't hit on you anymore because everyone will no you're a no good asshole. Note I can only go by what you wrote on here. If you're actaully a nice guy (which I doubt) then sorry.

    Btw why would you post mean things online about people? I don't understand how on an advice site you feel the need to call someone or a group of people, breasts and borderline obese. I mean be enough of a human being and think before you post. I mean not only skinny or average looking girls are going to read this (duhh!). Unless you're that absent minded, then you posted this to also knock some of the heavier set women down! Just please stop with the slander of other people (knowing them or not). Anyway I wish you luck in life and with woman because you seem to need it.

    • *Beasts sorry about the spelling

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    • TEmper temper I know a pot belly is a status symbol for some people, but watch your blood pressure fatso.

    • See Victoria women like you make it seem like it's okay to say things like that. I'm saying he should give big women a chance, I'm saying that he shouldnt be so rude towards people no matter what they look like.

  • lol! wow. I totally get it. It could just be that your a nice guy (in person...because right now ur not coming across too well) But most people are really mean to or ignore fat people. My best frien is slightly overweight and whenever we go somewhere together most guys don't give her the time of day. So maybe you just treat them normally or something and they take that as your interested. As for why the skinny girls don't date you idk? They could just be pickier or maybe your not quite as hot as you think you are.

  • you're an ass.

  • Wow no reason to call a girl a beast just because she's overweight and you're not attracted to her. Perhaps these "beasts" don't get much male attention and since you talk to them and are nice to them, they think they have a chance with you. Fat women are still people

  • Wow you sound like a completely shallow jerk. I'm betting a lot of girls pick up on that. I think you can die alone and the gene pool will be better for it.

    • I may certainly die alone, girly. But the gene pool won't be better for it. There are professional athletes that are not in as good shape as I.

    • Uh-huh. Yeah I'm sure.

  • You're an ass.

    • The fact that I prefer girls who aren't bigger than the house I live in makes me an ass?

      She wants to use me to cheat on her bf, too for gosh shake.

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    • Temper temper, what with yur blood pressure and all.

    • And you're a bitch

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  • Maybe your thick moustache makes you look a little like a bull walrus, something they can relate to!

    • If I could actually grow a moustache, I still wouldn't. or maybe I would. Moustaches have good uses, sometimes.

  • First I just want to mention that it is incredibly disrespectful to refer to these women like that. Get that attitude checked ok?

    Now as for your situation, I MIGHT know what's going on because it happens to me fairly frequently. As I'm going through college, I've started to gain more confidence around the women I'm interested in and being able to show it but that was not always the case. But before, whenever I was around my friends or people I've met or women I was not interested in (including women who would be of an obvious plus size nature) I would act like I normally would: I don't care what people think of me kind of mind set, I'm pretty talkative, engaging, and friendly to anyone who wanted to chat kind of thing. But when I was around any women I was fairly attracted to, I would tend to be more reserved, thinking for some reason they would be more judgmental oh what I would have to say or do (Ive come to learn this is not the case lol). But back to my point. I think maybe because I was able to just be myself and be friendly to these larger women, that might have gotten their attention. They might not have been used to a guy giving them attention or being engaging with them simply for the sake of making a conversation. (this is in contrast to what would be considered an overly attracted women probably not running out of guys coming up to them trying to start a conversation practically everyday). I don't know if I've adequately explained this whole scenario right but I think you get the idea: show a girl some attention who may not be used to it and she may become interested. Now when I'm in a conversation with someone who I'm not attracted to and she starts showing interest herself, I just start dropping hints left and right to delicately make it clear that I'm not. hope this helps

    • *ON what I would have to say or do...

    • Finally, someone able to get over their moral outrage and answer my question!

      Much appreciated, sir.

  • Beasts hahahaha

  • Haha dude your such a jackass... Bahahahahaha and I'm 6,3 230 pounds in really good shape you skinny little prick bahahahahahhaahha

    • I'm in better shape, I promise you.

  • This always was a begging question for me. I'm just like you, but I don't work out at all, and I'm single...and I wouldn't use those rude terms. Hardly no one likes obesity, so they have to actually put forth effort since they aren't being courted by guys...unlike skinny, healthy girls with a sense of gradiosity all because they get approached by guys on a daily basis. It's these women who need to jump off the high horse. Not you. Obesity is a health problem that shouldn't be compulsively accepted and encouraged, and it also doesn't help to shame someone for not finding it attractive. It's not my preference either. Just don't be so cruel about it.

  • I understand your plight. Yes the unequal attention might be more bearable if at least a few of the desrirable women said "hey do you want to hang out?" What might me missing rather than your "nasty" attitude is you haven't addressed women in the right places. Is your problem online? In a bar? In even the gym? Well then the bigger problem than being mean is you Gigantic competition... 3/1 ratio online and more likely 10/1 when narrowed to desirable women; in the gym the odds balance more but women's insecurities and guard are up. Get the place to approach women down first then the attitude second.

  • Girls are ALL self conscious about their weight. That's why they are all calling you an ass hole and think you are disrespectful and shallow. The truth is girls that are overweight have learned to be more outgoing else they will NEVER get any! How many times does a borderline obese girl get asked out a year? The answer is probably not often. If they really cared they would go to the gym every day and work out like I do. Don't feel alone because I definitely can relate to your situation.

  • you my friend are a toolbag, you do not judge a woman on her looks. What are you?

  • Women reject guys for much more shallow reasons and they do so in a much more disrespectful way. What's more shallow? Reject a girl because she's overweight (something she can change all by herself and no one can stop her) or for a girl to reject a guy because of his height? I mean weight is something a girl can do something about. Women reject men for Hair, Height, Looks, and lots of things they don't control. Even his financial situation is not as easy to control as a healthy lifestyle. Guys will still give women a chance but women completely reject guys for things they can't control. What's more they will ridicule him to his face about it or post in singles ads not to have those qualities. You almost can't watch a movie that doesn't have a woman making fun of a man by referring to some aspect of his physical appearance which he has no control over and making fun of it.

  • 6'1 and 150lbs? I'm 6'2 at 230lbs. and I know I'm a little chunky but still, that sounds pretty thin.

    as for why? I dunno. your current case is right out as she's already taken, but fat is also a very broad definition. one mans fat is another mans comfy. and a 6'1 180 girl sounds fairly curvy to me. but what do I know. short answer, I have no idea why large women are attracted to you. maybe you're flirting with them. I dunno.

    • Definitely not flirting. I make a VERY conscious effort not to. a lot of good it seems to do....

      the girl in my example is 6'3ish 240. ick.

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    • Exactly my point. When she asked me to "watch soccer with her" she looked like she's was going to eat me. awkward.

    • Not that this helps you, but that is one of the funniest looks I have ever seen on a woman's face and I love it.