For the guys....Does weight really matter?

This one is mainly for the guys...But girls state your opinions too :] So girls are so self conscious about themselves. We always have to look good, because if were not then we will be judged. But the one thing that guys always come too is our weight. So the question is...Does weight really matter?


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  • I think the media has the female perspective so screwed up it is ridiculous! How heavy is too heavy? How thick is too thick? Do guys like thick or skinny girls? You never hear people say, "How healthy is too healthy?". Today people are so fixated on looking thin and loosing weight that they loose focus on the health aspect of their personal image, or their body image.

    What is body image? Body image is a multidimensional construct or an idea that reflects how you see your own body. Many and most people today experience body image disturbances even if they are not aware of it. Body image disturbances are inaccurately perceived images that you may see as you are looking in the mirror . There are four body image dimensions which are perceptual, cognitive, effective, and behavioral. I will not go into depth on these right now, but that should give people something to look up if it sounds like something they are experiencing. My minor is Exercise Science, so I had to put some of that out there.

    Do guys say, " Look at that fat/heavy chick, I'd tap that"? No, and I hate when guys say crap like that. No, guys do not typically go for girls who unfortunately have an abnormally high Body Mass Index (BMI). That is not something most guys look for in a girl. Do guys want the thin, twig like supermodels? Absolutely not, that is disgusting and the media has it all wrong across the boards! Personally, I like girls who are in shape and make a real conscious effort to stay in good shape. Being physically active is not a choice, its a lifestyle. Most guys like their women to be healthy and last time I checked, heavy and fat are not new slang terms for healthy.

    So not to be shallow. But yes, weight does matter. And unless it is a result of a Thyroid condition, you can always improve your physical condition and get into better shape. Women should really stop asking this question. It is unfair and just make us guys look bad and shallow minded. If some sweaty, stinky, overweight guy walked up to an attractive girl and asked for her number, we all know there is most likely no chance in hell he will be successful. Girls often ask men as well, "If I gained weight and got fat, would you still love me". That is a horrible and unfair question to ask a boyfriend or a spouse! Love is also respect, and how can we (men) respect you if you do not respect yourself. Someone who respects and cares about themselves will take care of their body and continue a healthy lifestyle.

    Finally, yes weight is huge...Literally! And it should matter just as much for the women asking this question as the men looking or not looking. Yes, beauty is only skin deep and in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone has their own idea of beauty and definition of what beauty looks like or if it is about looks at all. That is your call as an individual. Weight does matter, but as long as you are healthy anything some asshole says about your weight is irrelevant.

    • Love your body, because its the only one God gave you!

      = )

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  • It matters if the girls is unhealthily obese, sure. But if she's just carrying a little extra poundage? That's never been a concern of mine. To me, it's a sign that the girl knows how to party, enjoys a beer, and possibly a good steak. She will never order salad, then spend half the meal stealing food from my plate. Rather, she'll probably know the best place to go for ribs on a Thursday night, and where I can get the best cheese cake in town.

    I love a girl who's happy in her own skin, and who'll never start a fight by asking "Does this make my ass look big?"

  • Yes, it matters a lot. So many women are so big nowadays, espcially the younger girls. Personally I hardly ever see any girls who aren't Asian looking good on the street..

    • Yeh there may be some large women "nowadays" but for every large woman you show me, I can show you a man that is just as big.

    • Haha woot woot for yellow fever!

  • To me, as long as your face / hair / eyes / additionally voice are attractive, shape does not matter. I've been attracted to girls that were 120 lbs, and girls that were 190 lbs. As I said, it doesn't matter. To me, it doesn't, anyways. xD

    But the catch is, your face CAN be messed up if you are overweight. And then you would not be attractive. Just don't look fat. Look overweight, max. :P

  • Appearance matters. It's that simple. It seems superficial because it is.

    We meet girls we like the look of.

    We stay with girls we like the feel of.

    If you're cute, clean, happy, and inviting, then we don't care if you're fat.

    The problem is that many "fat" girls dress in an unattractive way that makes them look fat instead of curvy. Plus many "fat" girls are insecure, which makes them look unapproachable, boring, dirty, or angry.

    I hope this helps...

    ~ Robby

  • Yes, weight does matter. Guys do not want a girl who is overweight. That is a fact of reality - and it's understandable. What you should also know is guys don't want a girl who is too skinny. A guy wants a girl he's attracted to, one who looks healthy, etc.

    And likewise, women want a guy who is in shape too. Yes, perhaps some women are willing to settle for a guy who is out of shape moreso than some men - that's true. But at the end of the day, you can't fault guys for wanting a woman that they are attracted to.

    Women don't need to be supermodels. But being in shape is something that is a good thing to strive for.

    What attracts a guy to a girl? -> link

    Are guys intimidated by pretty girls? -> link

    Why do girls like outgoing guys? -> link


    - Evan

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  • I worked with so many men in my life. In job environments that typically have rougher not so tactful men, so I've learned more than I ever wanted to know in my life about certain things! But I am so thankful for my mostly male environments because it really has shown me that sure guys talk a lot of crap about women's bodies but they do also love them and don't see the imperfections that we do. Women judge us harsher on our looks then men do.

    Sure men will sit down and pick apart a woman in a magazine. They will say her boobs aren't big enough or her thighs are too skinny. They completely objectify those women but those women aren't their girlfriends or wives. There is a lot of more respect for the woman's body whose his. Not saying men think women are possessions but it's like the difference between a car he sees in a magazine and his first car that is sitting in a dusty pile in the driveway. He may be completely amazed by the new car but he is in love with that piece of junk in the front yard. It doesn't matter that the fender is dinged and the windows don't stay up and it leaks oil like the freaking BP spill. It's his and he loves it as is. It's the same way with his girlfriend or wife. Sure she has stretch marks and cellulite and that nasty little hair on her chin that she always has to pluck but she is a million times better than the 'perfect' girl in the magazine.

    Men start having problems with their wives/girlfriends weight when it seems like she has stopped caring about her appearance all together and when she starts treating him like crap. When a woman is trying to keep up her appearance, even if she is gaining weight, and she is still being good to him, a guy doesn't care like we think he does.

    I've gone through different things in life like sicknesses that have made my weight fluctuate drastically. Losing huge amounts and gaining huge amounts back. But during that time I never stopped taking care of myself. Dressing nicely, wearing jewelry, perfume, clean clothes, all that. And I never once got a sideways glance from my boyfriend that he was disappointed in me or thought I needed to take better care of myself. He still wanted sex just as much and still said I was just as beautiful.

    My friend also had a weight gain issue at one time. She stopped taking care of herself, wore sweats all day, never did her hair, and became a complete bitch to her husband. And you better believe the weight gain became an issue.

    And the same is true for women they just met. If she looks like she doesn't want a guy to approach her cause she is frumpy and unkept, then no guy is going to approach her. Whether she has weight on or not.

    • "It doesn't matter that the fender is dinged and the windows don't stay up and it leaks oil like the freaking BP spill" XD lmfao

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    • Very good answer.

    • Thanks.

  • I think weight does matter to a point.

    I want to bring up something (I didn't read all the comments so I don't know whether it was brought up already) that I have a problem with, and many others do as well. I think it's how you look, not just a number that says how much you weigh.

    I'm 5'8" and weigh 172 pounds. Now, this may seem overweight, but it technically is still in the "healthy" weight BMI category. On top of that, I don't look like I weigh 172. A lot of it is muscle because I'm very active in different kinds of sports. I'm also athletically built, so I'm going to weigh more than the average 5'8" person.

    I think it's mostly how you look and not what you weigh, because one of those things might not necessarily ring true about the other. One can mislead a judgment on the other.

    I hope that makes sense? lol

  • Ok, so I know you asked about a girl's weight, but I'm going to answer differently. Personally, I find Seth Rogen drop dead sexy and he is overweight. But at the same time, David Beckham could be my future baby daddy and he is crazy in-shape. I'm not attracted to just one body type, and it's something beyond weight that attracts me to a person. Honestly, I don't notice it when I'm looking, so I'm sure that a lot of guys out there are the same way

  • I think MOST guys think that a girls body is all that matters. But I don't think so. Even if you have a skinny body you can still feel bad about yourself. Or the other way around. So that's why I say weight doesn't matter. As long as your healthy and you like the way you look there's no worries. Its sad but we all get jugded everyday. Its something we have to understand, its going to happen rather we like it or not. I look for quilties in person,but we even jugde other people because we go for what we see on the outside. Instead of making a wrong jugdement , we should start making the right jugdements.

  • you can lose weight but you can't lose ugly.. so weight doesn't matter to me.. beauty does :)

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