I'm skinny, except for my stomach! help!

I'm thin, the only real "fat" I have is a little on my inner thighs and my real problem area-my stomach. its got that pooch at the bottom that everyone hates. and my stomach needs to lose a little fat. any suggestions? what have you tried that has worked?


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  • First, if you aren't already doing it, do some kind of cardio workouts several times a week. That helps you acquire and maintain some good muscle tone all over, and burns calories to keep your fat content down. You can jog, swim, do the machines, do active sports, or whatever works for you, preferably something fun enough so you won't shirk it. Second, don't expect to have a boy tummy. You're a girl, and part of it is having a womb that creates a sexy bulge to your lower abdomen. Celebrate it, flaunt it, love it, show it off, use it to entice the special man in your life. And third, ditch the magazines. Real women aren't anorexic and don't have their photos airbrushed to conform to some swishy editor's idea of what looks good.

    • You don't have to anorexic to have a flat stomac

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  • There will be tons of advice...but get the best and find the excersices that work for you


    Google of course. Try "lower stomach flab exercises at home".

    Google will bring you lots of sites that not only tell you, but show you the things that will work, and most are put up by people who had the same problems and found ways to deal with it.

  • Let's see a pic. I wouldn't worry too much a about it. A slight tummy can actually be something good.

  • Number one method: anytime you are standing somewhere, like the checkout line, clench your core... if you don't know what that means, someone may need to coach you at first. it's not just "sucking it in" but more of a tightening down, like a crunch while standing. it not only burns a TON of calories, but creates a tone a posture realignment that should help what you are describing.

    I am partially disabled now, so I can't run anymore, or work out much, so this is what I do to stay in my same size pants for 15 years.

  • there a book skinny chicks don't eat salads, this will be helpful. also there are ways of targeting belly look them up (there also in the book). one thing is there are certain berries that target belly fat. also try matabolism boosters like green tea or acia berry (make sure you read customer reviews) you can buy them for as little as 10 dlollars for a month supply.

  • Learn efficient methods for abdominal exercises and do a few hundred reps daily. Quality over quantity.

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  • When I do cardio I do not hold on to the eliptical it works your core and helps get rid of middle section. The middle section is horrible but cardio burns fat. I recommend pilates too! Great core, pick up a DVD and do it in your living room or a class. This would be easier if you are not a gym person and will tone you up.

  • do sit ups and jog

    • Skip the sit ups unless you want abs, do tons of cardio