What is even considered fat nowadays?

Does anyone else think that our society is becoming too accepting when it comes to whether or not a person is fat?

I'm not saying that there's something wrong with being fat (besides the possible health concerns). I just think that the gap between whether someone is overweight or obese is slowly getting smaller.
For example, according to a BMI chart, this woman in this link is overweight.
Her BMI is 28.3. However, I think our society would see her as being at a healthy weight.
This woman in this link is considered obese on the BMI scale with a BMI of 31.6, but I think a lot of us wouldn't call her obese.
BTW, I understand that BMI doesn't take into account muscle before everyone starts telling me that.


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  • Yes, toitally, it's considered impolite to even bring up how fat some people are. They get angry as if YOU are wrong to notice they need two chairs to sit on! Nothing wrong with them living on chocolat donuts, oh no!

    • Haha exactly! and of course it's totally all right for them to pick on skinny.people and tell them they need to eat.

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  • What is considered fat? Whatever the media says is fat.

    Do you have any idea how much money there is in making people feel bad about how they look?

    Want proof? Look in any womens or mens magazine. Count the advertisers...now how many of them are for things other than the "How to improves"?

    They make their money by making you believe you don't measure up. They make their money by making you feel like you're ugly, or fat, or you don't dress the right way.

    They don't have to tell the truth. They don't even have to come close. If there were laws requiring honesty they would all be out of business in short order.

    I bet if you lined up the owners of these publications, most would be fat, ugly, poorly dressed, or any combination of the three. Do you think they care? Not with your hard earned money in their pockets.

  • The woman with the piano is definitely obese, somewhat disgustingly so :-/

    • What piano?

    • Strange, it seems the link was redirecting me, after copying it and pasting it in my URL bar I get an entirely different picture.

    • I just saw the piano girl. I also saw a girl peeping through a door?

  • I'm 17 stone and clinically obese, but 3 stone of that weight is from my enormous penis and testicles, and the two stone is from the miniaturised laser canon that have been implanted into my forearms.

    I'm a sex and death machine and I rock.

    Maybe some of these other so-called fat people are concealing hidden weapons under layers of flesh too?

    Just sayin'.

    • Damn I never thought of that. Do you think they would tell me about them if I asked?

    • Those of us with enormous penii and testicles tend to be modest. Therefore that sort of information is usually only available on a "need to know" basis.

      In other words, they could tell you, but then they'd have to kill you.

    • Oh, okay, I see. I guess I better not ask then.

  • I think superficiality will always be present and it should be in the sense that it motivates people to care about their bodies instead of just eating whatever they want and not excersising. And despite all the effort to make fatness be accepted it's not at least in the US

  • no, the girl in the 2nd link with the BMI of 31.6 IS obese. don't know if you're lieing or trolling.

    but yes our society is becoming too accepting which leads to fat people in denial which leads to fat people not losing weight or working out which is why america keeps getting fatter.

    • I'm not lying or trolling, but the links have been messing up, so I just wanted to make sure that you saw the right picture: http://www.cockeyed.com/photos/bodies/l/505-190_JenRocks_L1.jpg

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    • These links are completely messed up LOL. every time I click the link it switches from picture to picture. I got the piano girl, then some girl peeking through a door, then a piano girl, from THE SAME link. I don't know what to tell you, but both the piano girl and the girl facing forward with those wide ass legs in her jeans are fat

    • The piano girl is the same girl that your new link is just in different attire.

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  • Don't apologize. There is something wrong with being overweight. It is called heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes among other things. And, usually, it is for NO GOOD REASON other than to eat things people don't need to eat.

    In the 70's we did not have overweight teenagers. Everyone was super skinny without even trying or obsessing about it. Then you got into your late 20's and started putting on a little weight and typically worked to improve your eating at that time and stay slim. Nowadays I see so many teenagers with extra weight, it is absolutely shocking.

    Stop drinking those high calorie coffee drinks and energy drinks. Don't think fast food and junk food is a must have in your daily diet. It's not. Cut portions by about half if you are overweight. Our portion sizes are out of control here. Go to other countries and you will see, for the most part, they serve portions that are the size we used to serve in the U.S. If you are eating the right portions and reasonably healthy you won't have a weight issue. If you want to justify your need to eat horribly, sorry, I won't support that.

    • Haha I agree so much with everything you said

  • I go by how the person looks, Like example : Chick who is 5'4 C cup and her tummy is like not flat but not round, look good. I am 5'11, a B cup, and I Measure, 36,29,42 I can pull off a two piece. and when people hear I am only 185 lbs they can not believe it, because its how I carry it. My best friend in the world swore up and down they thought I was 150 lbs, and they want me to gain weight. Like the chick in the picture is a F-A-T-T-Y .

    But with guys, I like chubby guys ( like if he can not see his feet, he is too fat) But I find them a lot easiler to snuggle with. So I date guys who range from 235lbs- 265 ( even thou my guy is a bit bigger then that ranges , its all good) but of course they are 5'10 - 235 or 6'3 265.

    and like I said Its all how a person carries their fat. If I was a 165 ( My Healthy Weight by text books) You could see my ribs, I look starved to death, Because I use to work out all the time, eat 1500 cals a day, so sugar and nothing like that, I got to the perfect ratio for a girl and when I looked at myself I looked sickly. So yeah, Like now I go for walks with my dog and eat when I am hungry and I keep my wieght at what feel good for me. Don't go by text books. Or some site online. Go by how the person feels, If they feel fat they should lose some weight. Inless their waist surpasses their boobs, then they should lose weight ... because fat girls aren't sexy XP

  • Apparently me. people call me fat all the time-mostly girls. But I know I'm not fat I just have big boobs so whatever.

  • I agree. and what's with the "skinny bitches" comment. Like ti's suddenly rediculous to be healthy and fit. There's a line, a big difference between being "thick" and being "fat."

  • I think that American society is polarizing it's conception of the human body. One part of that is thinspiration, the other part is obesity campaigns. Each damaging though they try to help people.

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