What is even considered fat nowadays?

Does anyone else think that our society is becoming too accepting when it comes to whether or not a person is fat?

I'm not saying that there's something wrong with being fat (besides the possible health concerns). I just think that the gap between whether someone is overweight or obese is slowly getting smaller.
For example, according to a BMI chart, this woman in this link is overweight.
Her BMI is 28.3. However, I think our society would see her as being at a healthy weight.
This woman in this link is considered obese on the BMI scale with a BMI of 31.6, but I think a lot of us wouldn't call her obese.
BTW, I understand that BMI doesn't take into account muscle before everyone starts telling me that.


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  • Yes, toitally, it's considered impolite to even bring up how fat some people are. They get angry as if YOU are wrong to notice they need two chairs to sit on! Nothing wrong with them living on chocolat donuts, oh no!

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      Haha exactly! and of course it's totally all right for them to pick on skinny.people and tell them they need to eat.