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Do emo girls like regular guys??

Sorry for using the word regular but I didn't know what to put, I have this thing for emo girls, I think they are hot! but I think if they wanted a... Show More

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  • emo girls like emo guys because they have similar interests. But I've dated guys before that were just skinny and liked the same music as me :] so yes some do

What Girls Said 5

  • Well It depends I geuss because Mostly "Emo" girls go for "Emo" guys because they have things in common. And to them you may appear like someone not interested in "Emo" girls so they pass you by.

  • I'm emo or whatever they call it. A Lot of 'emo' girls tend to go for guys with a the same style because of the things they have in common and they won't judge them because they're the same. So learn a bit about what the girl you like listens too. I'm not saying pretend, I'm saying just learn to appreciate the things she likes that seem weird or odd to you. Don't ever say that she is a freak or whatever because you don't like the same things. Just be a nice guy and she will notice. Compliment her hair style or say you like her converse or band shirt. Good Luck

  • i dont know about other girls but i dont

What Guys Said 2

  • i got the "skater" look and I only attract emo girls, cept my girlfriend. so no they don't just go for emo guys

  • well don't sit around and wait for them to come to you. go and talk to them and flirt a little. you might think emo guys look girly but apparently the emo girls don't. let the girls see how much fun you are to be around.

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