Why Is It OK To Criticize Skinny People?

I'm not skinny or thin although I would love to be,probably won't ever happen.Anyways,I've been both underweight and over weight and one thing I don't understand after reading a post yesterday,is why is it OK to criticize skinny people but heaven forbid someone criticizes an overweight person because all hell breaks loose.

When people talk about skinny girls or models,anorexic,vomiting,bulimic,starving and drugs are thrown out,as though there is just no such thing as idk,naturally skinny individuals.I think this is an American thing where people in America assumes everyone is suppose to be a fat*ss.

Yet,if people are talking about an overweight person,heaven forbid lazy,over compulsive eating,fat,and unattractive get thrown in there because it is time to call Oprah because we all know that all these supposed hormonal issues only exist in America and no where else and it is just not impossible that someone could be overweight because they actually over eat and never exercise and blame hormones being put into milk etc.I'm not saying there is no such thing as mia or ana,but not every single skinny person has either or both.

Why is it OK to criticize a skinny person but not a fat person?With over weight people we are suppose to walk on eggshells and tip toe around their feelings but with skinny people it's perfectly fine to get away with saying cruel things.

Also,I know on here,a lot of women like to see certain body types,hair colors,nationalities or famous women insulted and a lot of the guys on here gladly do so to make those insecure females feel bad about themselves,but I'm asking for real opinions

Oh yea,I'm not fat or overweight,I'm at a good weight,but I think it's ironic how people can criticize one size but not the other.


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  • It's obviously not "perfectly fine" to say cruel things or criticize people for being fat OR thin, but don't be naive to think that just because there's a push to stop people from judging overweight people negatively based on their weight that negative comments, discrimination, and judgment aren't still extremely prevalent. SOME people walk on egg shells and tiptoe around the feelings of overweight people, but there's still a huge proportion of people who will put down fat people without batting a lash.

    I'm not saying by any means that because people still insult overweight people, that it's okay to insult thin people too---just that to say that people are fine with insulting thin people but not fat people is obviously not true. There's often a disconnect between what society says we should do or believe and what we actually do or believe.

    I think that the reason why society is more accepting of insults toward thin people than fat people is that for quite some time now, media has told us that being thin is attractive and healthy and desirable, and fat is not. This idea has been ingrained into our society to the point where a lot of people believe "the thinner the better". I think that at some point, people have started to realize that we've made an error. Thin isn't synonymous with healthy and there becomes a point where some people's infatuation with thinness is very unhealthy. A lot of people view thinness as perfection and place unrealistic expectations on themselves when it comes to weight. This, of course, has bred a culture of people willing to do anything to achieve this "ideal", and we see this in the number of people with eating disorders. Because we are now very aware of the prevalence of eating disorders, we're quick to jump to the conclusion that if someone is very thin, they became that way through unhealthy means--in the same way that the "obesity epidemic" has caused us to be aware of being overweight as an issue we need to address and so we jump to the conclusion that any bigger person must have gotten that way because they overeat and are lazy. People who are naturally predisposed to be on one side of the spectrum or the other are unfairly grouped into the same category as people who are the size they are as a result of unhealthy means.

    I think, however, that people tend to be more comfortable commenting on someone's weight if they are thin compared to if they are fat because being thin is still seen, for the most part, as a positive thing and so people are less aware that comments about how thin someone is or speculation on why they are that thin is seen as less hurtful. I'm not sure if this makes sense or not, but being called fat pretty much always has a negative connotation and is seen as an insult, whereas being called skinny is only sometimes said in a negative way. As such, saying something about someone's thinness is done more nonchalantly---since its normally seen as a positive thing, we give less thought to

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      What we say or how we say things and whether or not it is hurtful.

      Also consider that there are fat acceptance groups working to, well, increase fat acceptance and decrease fat discrimination through education and awareness, and their ideas are beginning to penetrate media, law-making, and our views on what is healthy and what is not. These groups aren't pro-unhealthy behaviour. In general, they're not trying to say, "I should be able to eat as many Big Macs as I want and sit on my ass all

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      Likely discrimination of people based on their weight will never totally disappear.

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      Excellent answer