What do you give your girlfriend when she's feeling sick?

basically just whenever your girlfriend is feeling sick or has bad allergies, what are some good things to bring to her to show her that you care and to help her feel better


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  • Gestures are a great way to show your feelings, but more and more, I've noticed that when people are sick, outside of comfort foods, they don't want anyone bringing them medicine of any kind.

    And in terms of food, it has to be really specific to what they think they can handle in that particular moment.

    Maybe your girlfriend isn't as pretentious as the people I work and go to school with, but most of the time this is a situation that never works the way you'd like it to.


What Girls Said 2

  • Aww, go buy her some orange juice or like something she loves to drink or eat.

    :) Or something that'll make her feel bettter. Just be there for her :D

  • This question is so cute:) Well if you live together you could go and make the bedroom all cosy, put on lamps, buy a few magazines and lay them out, buy chocolate and plenty of it! :) also make hot chocolate and most importantly sit with her! don't just go bed into the front room and leave her... hope this helps:) xx


What Guys Said 2

  • my girlfriend would bring me medicine and cook me soup and that was pretty cool, I'd do the same for the girl