Why are women so shallow?

To be honest, women are ten times more shallow then men.

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  • We're all shallow. Every single one of us. We tell ourselves as a society that love is blind but we're just not built that way. Mate selection is and always was about genetics. We're all looking for people with superior genes to pass down to our offspring.

    You can rationalize it all you want but logic is no match for our internal programming that came from thousands of years of evolution. No matter what you tell yourself, it's not going to make you feel attracted to that homely girl. It doesn't work for girls either. That's just the way it is.


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  • Ok so the shallow guy askn why girls are so shallow calls the cute little girl ugly! Go jerkoff jackoff! AND if that is your picture sweety YOU ARE NOT UGLY, you are not even ugly in the least and don't ever validate an a**holes opinion, they just come back with more crap!

    • Thanks, love. We girls gotta stick together. :) Hehe

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    • Its hard to insult a 16 year old for being curious, but its easy to insult a 39 year old virgin.

    • Yep my 16 year old son doesn't dish out this much crap but he's mature...and he's not an a**hole!

  • Everyone is shallow to an extent.

    Looks are what attracts two people to eaach other.

    I think guys are more shallow because they can base a relationship off of looks,doesn't matter how rude,mean,bitchy or ungrateful the chick is,if she's attractive that overshadows it all.

    • Not really, unless the guy has low self esteem. I know a few girls in that situation too, where the guy is a good looking dipsh*t so they put up with him because they feel they can't do any better. One girl I know keeps a guy around who's a jobless, penniless, felony charges pending loser because he's "really cute" and he is "awesome in bed." Sometimes they take a step back and realize they're dating nothing more than a human vibrator, but not always.

    • I think it's more common with guys

  • That's not true, I'm not that shallow.

    I'd rather go with an ugly nice guy than a hot jerk.

    I've seen girls with ugly guys. Rarely do I see guys with ugly girls. In fact guys don't even pick pretty girls. They just go for whoever's ''sexually'' appealing.

    • Rarely? What about the men that went out with you? Burn

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    • You aren't ugly at all, so don't worry about it.

    • @TC123: Yeah, there is no true definition of beauty, I agree. I'm just generalizing because this question isn't saying that ALL women are more shallow than men, just for the most part.

  • sa230e is right

    It's hard wired into our brains for thousands of years.

    The reason why is because guys can just get a girl pregnant and walk away; it's not the same case for women.

    And he's also right about passing on good genetics to our children.

    No one wants an ugly baby.

  • Are you asking this because you can't get a girl?

    • No, not really. It was more of a genetic question.

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    • That's because women have to take more time to decide if the father has adequate dreams, there's a scientific reason behind everything. Humans, as illogical as they seem, are very logical.

    • Yeah that is true.

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  • It would depend on your definition of shallow. Urban Dictionary version: Judging a person based strictly on looks, not factoring in their personality whatsoever.

    Women will rip apart both male and females based on looks.

  • Easy, women do. Sociallyinept is 100% on.

  • Women are in complete control of who they have sex with unless they are forced...so it is what it is and women have standards...men get over it...including me

  • As a man myself, I would have to beg to differ. Men are ten times more shallow than women. If anything, girls are too non shallow. Only spoiled women tend to be shallow, always wanting the hot guy, while most girls would be just fine with the average joe. Meantime, most men expect to land a supermodel, regardless if they themselves are attractive or not.

  • I'm not going to do this poll. It's not fair. It's stupid and sexist.