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Guys, how many times a week do you take a shower?

and girls, would it bother you if your boyfriend only takes a shower once a week?

is saving water and helping the environnement a good reason?

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  • WTF!

    Save water or not that is just not sanitary. Um I shower at least one a day. Save water hey, well then shower at the gym the water there is free. If this is like a eco-friendly guy, I don't see him to be getting a lot of chicks with one shower a week.

    Now, if the guy is poor then that is a different story. Saving water for the water bill is different but you can always find other places to shower. Like I said the gym or public pools always have showers avaliable.

What Guys Said 17

  • At least once a day. Sometimes two or three times.

  • I think once a day is pretty normal for everyone. However I shower probably 5-6 times a week. If I'm just hanging out at home all day there's really no reason to shower.

  • That is a good reason. But he has to have some way to clean himself. Does he wash his pits and stuff? Has he heard of sand baths? the Romans used to use metal rods to scrape the dirt off their skin

    • He told me that he only takes a shower once a week and that must be why I always say he smell funny. I don't think he heard of sand baths, I should tell him about it :) thank you

  • Once a week sounds insane to me. I sometimes go two days, but if I were trying to attract a woman, I would definitely shower at least once a day.

  • thats dirty once a day you should shower

  • twice a day and after workouts

  • even if it was saving water, you could do that by taking 5 min showers or something. So no.

    I shower everyday.

  • What the hell, once a week?

    I'm relatively active so I need to shower daily or I feel weird for the rest of the day.

  • I generally get a shower every day. I may miss one day in a week if I've got to go do some dirty work shortly after I wake up, but I certainly wouldn't miss a day for any other reason, nor would I skip 2 days in a row.

    Skipping just 1 day makes you dirty enough... But 1 WEEK?! That's just wrong...

  • I take a shower once a day. If it's the summer probably twice or even three times a day.

    Helping the environment has nothing to do with my decisions to take a shower or not. I like being clean and I'm sure the ladies like a clean guy as well.

  • I shower once a day compulsorily!

    lol @ the excuse, which is a pretty dumb excuse.

  • Once a week?

    In the mornings I stink like sh*t and am sweaty and my hair is retarded.. I need to shower at least every morning, if not some nights to.

    But if a girl didn't shower, you know that's not really a deal breaker for me. :)

  • i take a shower every morning and then after working out. so basically 2 showers a day. no one should go for more than a day without showering, any post pubescent guy should have the common courtesy to not make other people smell their BO

  • Once a week is pretty raw. I think a random day out of the month when I get home late I won't take a shower, but usually it's once a day.

  • If I'm single and not doing anything I've been known to go 2or3 days. But if I have stuff going on or a girlfriend I shower everyday.

  • Twice a day everyday. f@ck the environment I need to be clean!

What Girls Said 7

  • yes it would bother me. good hygiene is essential!

  • If my boyfriend only showered once a week he wouldn't have to worry about it bothering me, he would have to worry about finding a new girlfriend.

  • Umm once a week?Yeah it would bother me."Saving water and helping the environment" no it's not a good reason.If he wants to save water he should start taking shower at least for 5 minutes everyday.Good hygiene is necessary.

  • is this a joke? once a week? and the excuse is pathetic, tell him to plant some trees instead of being dirty! I think that taking two shower per day is necessary, once you wake up, and when you arrive home after work, at night.

    • "tell him to plant some trees instead of being dirty":))

      *thumbs up*

      I have to admit, that was a really witty answer.

    • Lol thanks :)

  • YUK! He is dirty. All his dirt is going on to you when you are together. That is disgusting. Saving water and helping the environment is NOT a good reason at all. He can help the environment by showering everyday for about 3 mins... EW

  • honestly if his hair isn't greasy and he does't smell its OK I mean the least of amount of showers a week should be like 3 or 4 for a guy and girls should take one everyday

  • LMFAO! I am sorry, but a man that has sweaty balls and d*** cheese is nasty. My husband showers every morning before work and during the afternoon/night on weekends. You need to tell him to get a loofa, a bar of soap, some body wash, shampoo/conditioner, and take a shower! You can still save water by turning the water off and then turning it back on to rinse off.

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