Guys, how many times a week do you take a shower?

and girls, would it bother you if your boyfriend only takes a shower once a week?

is saving water and helping the environnement a good reason?


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  • WTF!

    Save water or not that is just not sanitary. Um I shower at least one a day. Save water hey, well then shower at the gym the water there is free. If this is like a eco-friendly guy, I don't see him to be getting a lot of chicks with one shower a week.

    Now, if the guy is poor then that is a different story. Saving water for the water bill is different but you can always find other places to shower. Like I said the gym or public pools always have showers avaliable.

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What Guys Said 17

  • At least once a day. Sometimes two or three times.

  • even if it was saving water, you could do that by taking 5 min showers or something. So no.

    I shower everyday.

  • I think once a day is pretty normal for everyone. However I shower probably 5-6 times a week. If I'm just hanging out at home all day there's really no reason to shower.

  • What the hell, once a week?

    I'm relatively active so I need to shower daily or I feel weird for the rest of the day.

  • I generally get a shower every day. I may miss one day in a week if I've got to go do some dirty work shortly after I wake up, but I certainly wouldn't miss a day for any other reason, nor would I skip 2 days in a row.

    Skipping just 1 day makes you dirty enough... But 1 WEEK?! That's just wrong...

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What Girls Said 7

  • yes it would bother me. good hygiene is essential!

  • If my boyfriend only showered once a week he wouldn't have to worry about it bothering me, he would have to worry about finding a new girlfriend.

  • YUK! He is dirty. All his dirt is going on to you when you are together. That is disgusting. Saving water and helping the environment is NOT a good reason at all. He can help the environment by showering everyday for about 3 mins... EW

  • Umm once a week?Yeah it would bother me."Saving water and helping the environment" no it's not a good reason.If he wants to save water he should start taking shower at least for 5 minutes everyday.Good hygiene is necessary.

  • is this a joke? once a week? and the excuse is pathetic, tell him to plant some trees instead of being dirty! I think that taking two shower per day is necessary, once you wake up, and when you arrive home after work, at night.

    • "tell him to plant some trees instead of being dirty":))

      *thumbs up*

      I have to admit, that was a really witty answer.

    • Lol thanks :)

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