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Where do I go to meet VERY skinny girls?

Where do I go to meet very skinny girls? I realize that this sounds like a bull Sh#! question, but I am being serious. Is there a place that they... Show More

To be more specific I mean bmi between 18 and 19. For example someone would be anorexic around 17 bmi. or lower.

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  • haha what a question, simply hilarious!go to the hospital they have a lot of anorexic girls there, swear down, you said VERY skinny and that is what anorexic isA catwalk show, a lot of VERY skinny girls there

    • Thanks for enjoying my question. I seriously do not want a skinny girl because that is the popular thing to do or because the media makes me THINK I want a skinny girl. I am about 99% positive that I actually have a skinny fetish. So therefore, that is what I will search for.

    • So weird :/Anyhow Good Luck

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  • gym, cafes that only sell healthy stuff,or certain clubs maybe. I'm just wondering how skinny is very skinny? I'm 5'0'' and 100 lbs. do you want even skinnier than that?

    • That is pretty darn good. If I were to be very specific I mean bmi around 18-19. Good question

  • Gym... Hospital... Internet pro-ana support sites... Beach... High class fashion store...Have fun, unless your girlfriend dies on you first. (I know it sounds mean but what do you expect? As for the places I mean each one..)

  • no offense,but thisquestion mkaes you sound like a d***...

    • Thank you.

  • the gymspin classeswhole foodstrader joesyoga classeshealth food storeshigh end designer storesabercrombie and fitchhollisteri'm not a very skinny girl but I don't find what you said offensive, everyone has a certain type and you're entitled to be attracted to who you like, its not like you insulted girls with other body types you just said you like very skinny girls

    • I actually have never really liked hitting on girls at the gym. Maybe I will visit high end designer stores and spin classes.

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  • the gym!

  • I am into really skinny girls too.I get a LOT of crap for it, but I'm glad to know there are more guys out there like me.I have trouble finding them too

  • How bout a mortuary ? You'll find the skinniest of girls there, but they'll kinda be dead, but yeah skinny!

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