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Is it bad to wear a bra to sleep at night?

So..I wear a bra to bed every night and I've heard that it's bad by some people and then others say it doesn't matter and then other people say it's... Show More

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  • There really is no correct answer to this.I became curious about this a while back because I'd seen a comment on here where one girl said not to wear a bra to bed,so I researched and there is no clear answer.I mean,obviously if you're a C and up you should or else they'll hit the ground,but I'm assuming go with what's comfortable.

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  • If it keeps the boogie man from showing up, do it. However, I don't think it's a good idea because you need to let the girls breath.

What Girls Said 5

  • I usually don't . I don't think it affects your health but maybe you should just wear a loose sports bra if you're not comfortable.

  • i used to wear a bra even when I go to bed. it is not a good thing because this past summer,i felt like pain btwn my bra. so I stopped wearing a bra at night. since then, I have no more pain.

  • The reason I have heard you are not supposed to wear a bra to bed is because it compresses the lymph nodes near your breasts which could cause cancer. If this is true or not I have no idea. But I don't think there is any benefit to wearing one it does not help with keeping them from sagging so why bother.

  • my friends mama is a nurse and she said it can't stunt the growth of your boobs I don't know if its true but... how can you even sleep in a bra silly? there uncomfortable enough just to wear throughout the day lol

    • I don't know...I just do. I can sleep both ways, but generally I just fall asleep in the middle of reading or something and I never take it off.

    • Ooops I meant it CAN stunt the growth.

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