Short Shorts...with slight bum cheek!

Hey all :)

I was wondering what do you think of short shorts with slight bum cheek?

I just got some new ones online and I love them BUT when I walk, you can see some slight bum cheek at the bottom so now I'm not so sure!

Do you think they're too slutty? Girls, would you wear these kinda shorts?

Guys do you like them?

link shorts&Rf-700=1000&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=DamagedIndigo


Most Helpful Girl

  • I totally think it depends on where you're wearing these shorts. Like at the beach/pool party, instead of wearing a cover up, just throw these on top of your bikini. Or you can wear them with leggings or tights and it's still a really cute look that no one can say is slutty.


    I think if you're comfortable wearing them then go for it :)


What Guys Said 10

  • I don't think they are slutty. I like them but prefer (short) skirts more.

  • Do YOU think it's too slutty? If you do, then don't wear them. If you aren't concerned, then go for it. Problem solved.

  • This post would be better with a link to a pic.

    • Http:// shorts&Rf-700=1000&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=DamagedIndigo

    • You can't see anything on those shorts. I think you are fine.

    • Look at the vdeo, you'll see how they really look!

  • fantastic. girls should wear shorts like that all the time!

  • Many guys including me dislike short shorts on girls which are too revealing, provocative and promiscuous. They look trashy, wasted, rude, indiscreet and sleazy on those naughty, sexy-aggressive, offensive pairs of shorts.

    as long as your clothes range from modest to slightly revealing/showing some tiny bit of skin, people are fine with it. Many are strict on this because they don't want their girl/daughter to witness and engage in sexiness, cleavage display, growl, coarse arrogance in their dressing, and shaking ass off for money. Today, we have whole a lot of promiscuous women in our generation.. We should not be that cheap and we never can be that cheap. Many can afford to uphold their family with standards in their living and dressing. So, modesty, being genteel, graceful, decent, righteous, genuine, and discreet are of high quality and should be incorporated. You know it more when you raise kids.

  • Don't wear them. As a guy I would check you out but I wouldn't go up and talk to you

    • Why not?

    • Cause as a guy we like to show off our gf's. And if I introduced you to my family/friends they would wonder why would anyone want to show off a girl like that? It makes her look bad and him even worse.

    • I wouldn't judge a girl just based on her clothing choices; I would think she is confident in herself and I would admire that greatly! I would be proud to be with a woman like that.

  • Awesome.

  • I think short shorts are a thing of beauty and should be worn more. The more leg the better and even a bit of booty looks extremely sexy.

  • Hmm, well the first impression that you will cause might be a bit cheeky. But it will depends of your personality too, if you use those kinds of shorts to take advantage in a game of seduction with the boys then yeah it will look slutty. In the other hand if you feel comfortable in those kinds of clothes, and of course because you want to look sexy too, all girls wants that, and if you just care about your well-being, get your legs tan or whatever don´t worrying about much in the teasing game I don't see any problem on that. Isn't there much girls looking good on those kind of shorts, so if you do, don't waste that opportunity, you won´t be young for ever.

  • Well visually it is a huge turn on but if you were wearing shorts that short in public people will think you're slutty and probably just look but not talk to you.

    • Why would that put guys off?

    • It would put me off because I would think you're a huge flirt that just wants attention and moves from man to man quickly. Most women won't wear shorts that actually show bum cheeks where I live unless they are desperate for attention. So like I say it would look sexy but I wouldn't even try to talk to you because I would think even if you showed interest in me it wouldn't last long. In other words you would look like a relationship tease to me.

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  • i sure as sh*t wouldn't wear ' shows that you're someone to take home but not someone to take home to mom. if you're looking for a relationship then burn 'em but if you're looking for a one night stand then more power to 'em;)

  • Um, I doubt guys would mind all that much. Haha.

    But I personally wouldn't wear them. If you really like them, go ahead, but if you're uncomfortable in them don't wear them just cause some random guys think it would look hot.

  • Personally, I wouldn't.

    It would turn me off if I was a guy

  • yeah I have a pair, lol

  • I personally would not wear them. I mean I like short shorts and all but I think that may be a little inappropriate in the back. But it all depends on how you feel in them. If you feel confident and cute then go for it! :)

  • Personally, I would not.

    I think it's important to have self standard. I wouldn't succumb my level just because some random guy said he likes it. I wouldn't want that kind of attention from guys like that.

  • id wear them if I had an ass.. but I dont.. so yea..

    • Lol...did you see the ones in the link? would you wear those ones? check out the vid, that's exactly how they look (except I'm not as stick thin as the model!)

  • Girl, if you say you love them, then you go right ahead and wear them. Clearly, guys have mixed feelings about them, so just keep a check on where you are wearing them. Limit them to beach/pool wear, maybe if you're just going to the grocery store, going out with friends to a club/bar, etc. I think this sort of thing would be definitely safe to wear if you already have a boyfriend. That way you aren't trying to impress anyone, but you can still wear clothes you like.

    Also, I'd be careful about how you look. You said you aren't "stick thin". Does that mean you just have some curves or you have some extra weight? I mean, I wouldn't wear shorts that short because I don't think I have the butt or legs for it. Keep in mind that guys like it when girls dress according to their body weight. In fact, everyone does. Don't wear 'em if you're overweight.

  • No I would not wear those but I think they can look really great if you have an incredible body but really how many of us have an incredible body not to many so it will probably come off as slutty.

  • Yes it's too slutty. Why not go with girls that's like an inch longer so they cover up your but cheeks?

    They will still be short and show a lot of leg, but no look so slutty since they are covering your butt.

    • Ah, I don't know why I put girls. I think I was going to type something else. I meant "shorts"