Why does he notice/remember little details about me?

This guy seems to always remember little details about me. He brings up little things later on like in conversation with me and my friend he brought up my love for chocolate and how I "ate 17 of his chocolates the other night" when in reality I only at two. He also called me out when I was being quiet one night, and when I told him that I'm not usually a lout person he remarked how I must just talk around him then.

He remembers little details about me like how my fingers are always cold (we've held hands a couple times because I was cold and he wanted to warm me up) and how I enjoy chocolate. Even when I didn't know him all that well he brought up how I've only been over to his house four times, and when I was like "wait, was it only four?" he listed off when and why I was over there, even though one of the times I only went to pick up his sister (my friend) and he didn't even see me. He notices things about my appearance too ("you're the only girl I know who would wear hot pink snakeskin skinny jeans" or "oh hey, did you do something different with your hair tonight?"). He's never outright compliments me though, and more often than not he's teasing me or play-arguing with me about something stupid. In fact, it's pretty difficult for us to have a conversation without one of us ragging on the other, so I'm hesitant to think that he might have feelings for me.

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  • sometimes guys remember things about girls because they find something about that girl interesting. or attractive. I probably have the scent of 20 plus girls memorized to the point that if one of them changed they're perfume I would notice. its not necessarily something we try to do but something we instinctively program ourself to do... to remember tiny details about girls. I think this is because we think girls appreciate when a guy notices something about a girl and comments on it. is this not true? if so then I seriously need to work that out of myself.

    • Don't worry, his/guys in general remembering details is much appreciated!;) I'm just attempting to sort out his mass of mixed signals to me here-not complaining about how he remembers little things about me.

    • Ok gotcha. can't really advise you on that sorry

    • Haha don't worry about it, I didn't ask about the majority of the mixed signals so it would be really difficult to!;)