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What are you wearing right now?

and is it comfy? ( I mean outer wear for the pervs out there) I am wearing a blue Colorado sweat shirt with a bear on it. and some pink martini... Show More

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  • nothing, it's very comfy.

    • hahaha. oh dear. aren't you cold?

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    • brrrr, I change my answer now, it's cold as hell here the last couple of days. I'm wearing sweats from head to toe and bundled under blankets on the bed. when the hell does summer come back!?!

    • oh man that sucks~~ remember onesis? maybe you can find them! and they are super warm =)

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What Guys Said 5

  • My boxers..not comfy

    • doesnt sound like it. sweats are comfy

  • wife beater and checkered pj's...yeah haven't moved from the couch since I woke up, I've been watching some awesome college football bowl games.

    • nice. its freezing out here so I have been on the couch myself. watching some investigation discovery haha... and lord of the rings. pj pants are so comfy aren't they!

    • hell yeahs there comfy :) I think its freezing outside ( live in Canada ) but haven't checked today.dunno seems warm in my house :p

    • thats cool. I'm in cali and its freezing here and my heater was broken so my house was even colder... then a couple days ago I was at my dads in colorado and it was hott there.. weird weather.. canada is awesome!

  • Boxers. Just about to head to bed.

    • thats cool!~ hope you had some good dreams =) !

    • Excellent dreams actually, thanks. It was a pain having to wake up. I hope you slept well too.

    • glad you had some gfeat ones... thanks to my loud beligerent roommate who came home at 130 with loud friends.. kept me and my boyfriend awake til almost 430... I've had better sleep but ill survive ha ha =)

  • Wearing a gimp suit.

    • haha. very interesting... that can't be too comfy... hah

    • Yep, I've got some gay guys coming over later to anally probe and rape me. Trust me, that will be even MORE uncomfortable.

    • haha oh dear. I'm sure that will be...

What Girls Said 9

  • nike running shorts, and a t=shirt.

    • thats cool! I'm still in pjs haha.

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    • =) ah who cares its the holidays! I'm staying in my pajamas all day! and night =)

    • aha bet,

  • Soft pajama bottoms (pink with cupcakes on them) & a black tank top.

    • cool. I love those soft ones... so nice and warm. you know what's so comfy? onesis... love it!

  • im wearing a grey sweat pants I got at walmart for $5a white thermalnavy blue gilly hicks sweat shirt over itgrey socks that say sport

    • nice. sounds warm and comfy~! $5 sweats? not bad! haveta check those bad boys out!

  • Orange and black Garfield pajama bottoms and a black tank top. I am so comfy right now:)

    • awesome! me too.. I love pj bottoms. so nice and comfy! cheers to comfyness~!

    • Cheers:)

    • =)

  • Pj's ftw... :)

    • pjs are always nice. I'm in some too.

  • Jeans, t-shirt with a pirate skull on it, and jacket. Not too cold here though which is nice.

    • thats nice. love pirate skulls =) it was freezing here!

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    • haha maybe. I have a big blanket on me right now.. I may go out for a walk though.. well see haha

    • Lol, nice. Have fun ^_^

  • UT Longhorns T-ShirtBlack bermuda style lounging shortsBebe glasses for readinglistening to my iPodIt's rainy and cold here,but I'm inside!So I don't have to worry about that

    • its always nice when its rainging and you don't have to go any where. =) cool outfit

    • It's all about Oregon Ducks!

    • Longhorns baby:)

  • blue pj pants and a tie dye t shirt

    • cool! have a great new years!

  • I'm wearing Victoria's Secret yoga pants and a Victoria's Secret PINK t-shirt that's navy with a Victoria's Secret PINK hoodie that's navy...I feel stupid wearing a brand that's named PINK but isn't actually pink. It's such an oxymoron. O_O

    • ohhh I love their yoga pants! they are so comfy and cute too! ha ha like v.s. much>? they have cute stuff. yeah its a funny brand name for them... pink... what were they thinkin haha

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