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Guys, do you like skinny jeans on girls?

Does wearing them make me appear as trampy? Idk what are your thoughts on them... I wear skinny jeans because when I wear normal jeans them make me... Show More

I asked that because my mom always tells me that skinny jeans are trampy, I don't think so but I just wanted to know what you guys thought

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  • Yep, Especially if they have the figure for them.

    • Yep as in they look trampy?

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    • Ok sorry I misunderstood you

    • Thats OK, I can be quite misleading.

What Guys Said 14

  • i hate skinny jeans so no.

  • Your mom says they're trampy because they're tight, and given your age, your mom grew up in the age of the modest woman, which doesn't apply anymore. I go to college and about 2/3rd's of the girls wear skinny jeans, and it both looks good fashion-wise and is sexy to guys cause its tight and shows your curves. Its fine, do it ;)

  • Skinny jeans are hot! I love anything form fitting on girls. I don't use terms such as 'trampy', just where whatever you want and feel comfortable/cinfident in

  • Skinny jeans are hawt. Jeggings are a step further, they're incredibly hot, but I'm thinking your mom really wouldn't approve of those.

  • I love skinny jeans!

    not to be a jerk. but the girl has to have right body type to pull em off.

    • No your not being a jerk, I completely agree, nobody should wear anything that they can't pull off. I can wear skinny jeans that's not an issue for me, I just want to know what you guys thought of them.

  • Skinny jeans look good on almost every girl.

  • I like them... I don't think they make girls seem trampy in and of themselves... If they are your preference, go for it :)

  • I like skinny jeans beecause it shows off a girls figure. She's us your curves. Plus its also tight on the ass which guys love.

  • Tight jeans suck because there is no room to get a hand down the front. A girl in sweats is perfect for me. :D

  • No there caj nowadays

  • Some girls they look really good, but I usually don't like them. I prefer normal jeans. They're not trampy. WTF Your mom is stupid.

  • Definitely, skinny jeans look good on girls. I don't know how they could be trampy if it's the norm for girls to wear.

  • Yep, I like them. Not trampy at all.

What Girls Said 3

  • Nope, not at all. It really just depends on how you wear the jeans and what you wear them with. If you wear five inch heels under your skinny jeans and a tiny shirt, sure, you'll look trampy, but other wise it's all good.

    Just wondering... but do normal jeans really make you look shorter? I feel like skinny jeans make people look a lot shorter as opposed to normal/slightly flared jeans since these jeans extend your leg and make it look longer. Skinny jeans kind of just cut it off at the ankle.

    But anyway, go and wear whatever looks best on your body (when all clothes are concerned). If skinny jeans look better, wear those!

  • Skinny jeans are really sexy. Your mom is probably worried that they will be skin-tight and that they will attract guys or something.

    But nah they accentuate your figure and I really like to wear them.

  • why would skinny jeans be trampy? if you can pull it off, go for it. it's a cute look

    you could wear it with flats, heels, boots :)

    • Oh I can definitely wear them I just wondered what they are in other peoples mind, I think they are really cute

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