Are skinny girls attractive?

Lately my friends have been saying I'm too skinny and that guys like curvy this true? its kinda annoying because I am healthy and eat a lot ha ha I just am naturally small boned and run cross country=/////


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  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm skinny but I'm always eating lol high metabolism I guess and I play several sports so I just can't gain weight. Just ignore what you're friends say, they're probably just jealous. A lot of people call me anorexic even though I look healthy, my bones don't stick out or anything, I'm just thin. But my boyfriend loves the way I look so that's all I care about:)

    • Exactly!:)

    • Same here... I don't even play sports, but I just have a super high metabolism, so it's hard to gain weight. People tell me I'm too skinny, or joke that I'm anorexic... I know they're kidding, but it still makes me feel bad because I'm not like that at all. Just ignore it. We're healthy and we love who we are, that's all that matters :)

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  • Umm... you have a photo on your profile... and that's you, right? You are curvy and not too skinny... why would they say that?

  • wait until you are 21 and then answer this question for yourself.

  • guys do like thin girls but too skinny is somthing that they dnt like a lot because your health is a major part of your personality that's why

  • Nothing wrong with skinny girls. =)

  • Skinny is great, but (have big) t*ts or GTFO! Haha! Just kidding--work what you've got!

  • yess

  • Guys like a lot of things. I've had crushes or curvy girls and skinny girls. Both are attractive. I really think women tend to undervalue facial beauty and overvalue bodily beauty when they asses they're own attractiveness. If your profile picture is really of you then I doubt you'll have trouble attracting guys. As long as you're in good health and decent shape your body shouldn't be a problem.

    • yaaa that's true everyones to into their weight and clothes as well...but thanks=]]]]] yes its meeee=]

  • Yes, skinny girls are hot. My friends always wonder why I like Asian girls so much. Reason? Most of them have tight, little bodies. loL! The race part doesn't matter, just making a generalization. I like curvy girls too though. Screw it, I love all girls!

    • lol nicee

  • Yes they are.

  • Ya skinny girls are cute.

  • Skinny girls still have curves. Different guys like different shapes. Plenty like skinny, me included. The whole of fashion etc is a vast conspiracy to make every woman feel insecure about how she looks, so they can sell you the solution. Reject this garbage. Be you. Guys will love how you are.

  • Be you forget what ya friends say. Can't say I prefer a skinny girl never been with one.

  • Haha, its going full circle.

    • =] Excellente

    • Ha, I know it isn't... just gave me some insight I had somehow overlooked before.

    • Its not really a new mode of thought, lol.

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  • Sounds like your friends are jealous.

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  • your "friend" is jealous and puts you down to make her feel better. different guys like different things. and as for this "guys like curvy girls" that's true but they also like skinny. look at Miranda Kerr or those other models, guys drool over them because theyre skinny and pretty. don't listen to her

  • Yes, skinny girls are attractive. You are so lucky to have a fast metabolism. I have to watch what I eat so I don't get big like a balloon. I'm bi and I love dating skinny girls. Very attractive to me, anyway!

  • Well... it's better to be skinny rather than fat like me. Guys never want to date me. No one likes a fatty!

  • WHAT! Give me a brake , look in a fashion mag ...EVERYONES SKINNY! beauty is skinny ... Notice something, can you see it now ? THERE'S NOT ONE FAT LADY IN THERE ! The whole freaken world trying to be skinny and you are worried. There a thing called anorexia big disorder , don't listen to the guys trust me if they had to choice between a fat /curvy chic and a girl who is fit doesn't have an inch of fat on her , they'll go with the skinny girl in a second .

    • ya but sometimes guys say they likes curves and not the skinny girl. like this- link i

  • i'm 5'6 and 105 lbs, size 2i'm skinny and love it. wouldn't change it for anything

  • Yes some guys think skinny girls are attractive and yes some guys think bigger girls are attractive. It is called preference and everyone has one. Be you and don't worry about what other people say. I don't care how many times a question like this is asked, the answers will always be divided!Also want to add that, contrary to popular delusions, not all men like "skinny" girls. Not because I say so, but because I actually read and listen to what guys have to say:)

  • i am adverage - never had a boyfreindfreind 1 - skinny has a boyfreind and has had plenty frend 2 - healthy but bigger and curvier has had boyfreinds and sexi don't get it ps. I think the reson I don't have a boyfriend is because my brain must be wired differently because I almost always reject guys even if I do like them I am strange

    • hahah me to I always reject guys because I get all nervous and freaked out I don't know I guess I'm afraid that once we go out ill be awkward and they won't like me.

  • Yes,although skinny girls can be curvy too.Skinny is just weight. Guys prefer skinny girls more than anything else and I think you and I know that.

    • Hey hey hey, don't get at me about it, I put it in inverted commas. Its just what you call that mentality.

    • lol that's a better way to right it. just went right out there and said it

    • Exactly. I myself am "curvy" I'm 125 lbs at 5'3 but I'm an hourglass, but I won't degrade another woman by pulling out the "real woman" mentality. Screw that, if she was born with a va-jay-jay, she's a woman

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  • you look healthy. I wouldn't worry about what your friends are saying. :)