Are skinny girls attractive?

Lately my friends have been saying I'm too skinny and that guys like curvy this true? its kinda annoying because I am healthy and eat a lot ha ha I just am naturally small boned and run cross country=/////


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  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm skinny but I'm always eating lol high metabolism I guess and I play several sports so I just can't gain weight. Just ignore what you're friends say, they're probably just jealous. A lot of people call me anorexic even though I look healthy, my bones don't stick out or anything, I'm just thin. But my boyfriend loves the way I look so that's all I care about:)

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      Same here... I don't even play sports, but I just have a super high metabolism, so it's hard to gain weight. People tell me I'm too skinny, or joke that I'm anorexic... I know they're kidding, but it still makes me feel bad because I'm not like that at all. Just ignore it. We're healthy and we love who we are, that's all that matters :)

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