My boyfriend told me I had a big ass??

Im not skinny, I have an hourglass figure, which up until recently I hated. my boyfriend told me that he liked my body, and that he loved my curves, so I started loving them to. then today I fell and he's like "thats alright, youve got plenty of padding" and then he went on to say that I had a big... Show More

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  • Saying you have a big ass may be his way of telling you what he likes, but just in a manner that isn't particularly complimentary. Women who have nice hourglass curves certainly appear to have a larger ass proportionately to what a man has since men are typically V shaped.

    Let him know you are confused and want to get clarity on what he is saying and only go on a diet if you feel you need to go on a diet. Reasons to go on a diet include that you don't feel good physically with your body, not emotionally.