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My boyfriend told me I had a big ass??

Im not skinny, I have an hourglass figure, which up until recently I hated. my boyfriend told me that he liked my body, and that he loved my curves,... Show More

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  • Saying you have a big ass may be his way of telling you what he likes, but just in a manner that isn't particularly complimentary. Women who have nice hourglass curves certainly appear to have a larger ass proportionately to what a man has since men are typically V shaped.

    Let him know you are confused and want to get clarity on what he is saying and only go on a diet if you feel you need to go on a diet. Reasons to go on a diet include that you don't feel good physically with your body, not emotionally.

What Guys Said 11

  • Your boyfriend is what's called, an "ass man". That makes what he said a compliment.

  • Go with what he said, "he liked your body and loved your curves." If you have an hour glass figure most girls will gladly change bodies with you so don't even be thinking or asking yourself if you should be going on a diet. Telling you that you had plenty of padding and then saying you had a big ass was his kinda his spontaneous stupid way of complementing you for that. In a guy's language, "man she's got a big ass!" is a complement, so take it the way it was intended. lol!

  • What he means by you have a big ass is that he loves it and he wants it bad. It would be sort of like you telling him he has big arm muscles or a big penis there is no doubt that those are compliments. I love curvy to me that is a very womanly shape. A lot of men prefer women with a little extra padding I know I do. He is definitely not insulting you unless you find his sexual come ons offensive. Such comments are just him letting you know how much he wants to tear your clothes off and throw you down on the nearest piece of furniture and how lucky he thinks he is

  • BIG BOOOTY! God ya gotta love um. hmm

  • I love my girlfirend's body. She's a curvy girl and I wouldn't have it any other way. A lot of girls mistakenly think that when a guy says you have curves, it means that we think you're fat. When a guy says you have curves, it means you have curves. That's it. It isn't code for that we think you're fat. its just that you have an hourglass figure which is something a lot of guys really like. As long as you're at a healthy body wieght there is no real need for you to diet or anything.

  • I love big butts. It sounds like he is genuinely attracted to you, not just trying to be nice.

  • well I think it depends on how you are how he as and what type of mood you guys were in

  • Big asses are in--JLo, Beyonce, etc. Your boyfriend feels comfortable telling you because you've already had the "ice breaker" moment when he admits that yes, you are full figured and, yes, he likes it. If you are cool with it at that moment he feels licensed to bring it up at will from that moment on, and figures you will continue to be cool with it. Believe me, the fact that you are comfortable with yourself is a big turn on.

  • take it as a compliment

  • he likes it

What Girls Said 9

  • Most likely, he was trying to joke and didn't realize he hurt your feelings. He's dating you, right? Then he obviously has no issues with the way you look. He just didn't know how to say it.

    My advice is to tell him that the comment hurt you. Explain to him why, that you thought he was making fun of you. I'm quite sure he didn't mean it, really, and he'll be upset because he didn't know you would take it so hard. Try to figure out where the line is, what teasing is acceptable and what's not, and you two won't have this problem again.

  • I know I have a big ass, and my boyfriend loves it- he slaps or grabs it all the time, lol. It is definately an affection thing. Usually, when he wants to get some action, he goes for my ass first, and that is the only part he will touch in public as well to let me know what he is thinking about.

    Your guy definately did a joke with the padding thing, but he probably feels comfortable enough with you to joke about it. If he says he likes your curves, that includes a big ass as well.

  • Oh yes, guys love curves hunny, no guy wants some stick figure.

    He's with you so he must love you, for you.

    My last boyfriend, who is now my ex, told me while we where together that he loved my curves and that girls without them are very unattractive.

    And I know he meant it, most guys feel this way.

    About the diet, staying healthy is always good, but don't do it because you think he doesn't like your body, do it because you want to.

  • LOL wow normally I'm the one making the comment that I have plenty of padding so it didn't hurt but my man is the same way. I'm not at all a skinny girl, I have wide shoulders muscular upper body a nice waist and a big butt hips and thighs. I'm a farm girl and my man loves my body. I'm still really self conscious about my butt I really don't like it but he's always telling me my butts not that big and he loves it just the way it is. I'm sure he was just joking with you that there's more than one reason to have a bigger but and it does come in handy. Not only does it save his thighs from getting killed when he hits it from the back but it saved you from cracking your tail bone when fallin on it :D If your really worried about it just confront him and let him know your insecure about your butt an to try to avoid making unclear comments about it. But as I said I'm sure he loves it and was just joking with you about all its uses!

  • girl don't worry

    they seriously do love big asses

    so don't that he thinks ur fat

    cause remember a guy loves big asses


  • yeah.guys love big asses. I mean y do you think j-lo is so famous. because of her big ass. and y do you think all of the celebrities are getting their asses and boobs done. its only because they look more attractive wit them. so I think he said it as a compliment.

  • yes. yes they have. I asked my ex boyfriend bout it first time he said it. and he said he wasn't being a jerk, or disrespectful, he just thought I'd like it if I knew he liked every bit of me inside and out. big ass and all. which is a good thing btw guys love big asses for some strange reason. but I wouldn't exactly call it bad if you want to call him on it and tell him not to say it again go ahead. be sure your not overreacting few guys like drama=/

  • All boys like is your body most of the time, tbh I think he's just telling how he really feels about chu 😘

  • Though he may not have used the most clever words. I think he genuinely likes your body. Some guys like a little booty on their girls! Look at Jennifer Lopez! I too am a pretty curvy girl and my boyfriend has said that he likes something to hold onto. hehe. :) Don't worry about it. I'm sure the last thing he wanted to do was hurt your feelings.

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