What should I wear to impress my boyfriend?

my height is 5.2" and my weight is 65...fair in color

nothing suits me...and I guess for this reason my boyfriend is loosing interest in me...

what should I wear to impress my boyfriend


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  • Well, try and be yourself! Everyone has their own unique style, you just have to find it. For fair skin bright colors or prints will work perfectly for you. Are you sure it's the way you dress he's losing interest in? Like when my boyfriend and I went trough a rough patch he told me I wasn't as affectionate as I used to be and just not as lovey towards him. I hadn't even noticed! I just got used to us together and it became a routine. So see if there is anything like that :)

    Here are some sites that I like to shop at, floral prints and bright colors are a hit this year :)

    *Forever 21


    *Macy's (the clearance section in juniors has proven really well here! I don't spend more than 20.00 on a top. Sometimes I'll splurge and get something more on the pricey side if I feel it can be mixed and matched.)


    *H&M (They sadly don't have an online store :( so it depends where you live.)

    *Old Navy

    *Target (Some of their summer dresses are darling!)

    Here is the splurge site haha, I RARELY get anything from here. The only time I do is if I need a dress for an important event. link the clothing is expensive by most of the jewelry is pretty well priced!


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  • If you truly wish to impress your boyfriend, I suggest you wear nothing but a smile. ; - )

  • Wait, you're 5'2" tall and weigh only 65 pounds! Girl, you must look like famine victim!. You need to gain at least 50 pounds. You're at an extremely unhealthy weight.

    • obviously she knows what her weight is. she may have reasons that she can't help. some people are that thin. your being an ass.

    • Tell me, toulouse, I would not be able to count her ribs, see the outline of her hip and shoulder bones.

  • Gosh your tiny.

  • you wear whatever gives you that spring in your step, and makes you feel like the most beautiful, and sexiest woman alive. Never try and impress anyone, there is no point to it. Your confidence beaming out like a sun burst is enough for him to notice. ;) Oh And if he doesn't I think he should be taken to the hospital cause he has been struck blind...

  • 65 lbs. or kg?

  • holy sh*t, your 65 lbs. how old are u?

  • You weight 65 lbs, I'm honestly not trying to be rude, mean or disrespectful in anyway but id gain 50-60 lbs then wear some lingerie with thigh highs and heels

    • r you stupid? if she weighs 65 I'm suie she understand her body. just stop being an ass. she asked what she should wear.

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  • Try to dress more girlie like wear more dresses or skirts, that's always nice and cute.

    Try and interact with him more like flirting too.

    Maybe try tank tops or high heels it all depends on what your wearing right now to.

  • Um, she's 65kg or ~144 lbs...

    What does your boyfriend like girls to wear ? An afternoon with any guy will reveal what he's checking out on the boardwalk. Put together an ensemble that will rock his world !

    For my guy, I wear a neon green tank leotard with skin tight jeans and high heeled knee boots...he's always impressed ;)

    • u can't just assume she's 65 kg. if she says that's right then ill believe you until then. I'm thinking 65 lbs. and that's VERY unhealthy

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    • lol Yeah, I seriously doubt she's 65 lbs. If she was, she'd be on here asking people why she's been losing her memory and not ovulating anymore, I think.

    • guys you are really ignorant. if she was 65 she knows how much she weighs so you all freaking out is just obnoxious. she might be thin, but you sound like you are 9 years old.

      Some people are thin due to metabolism. If she is that thin -thats her body. She lives with it everyday. Therefore by your comments, you are all being assholes.

      In addition, whatever uncultured person said that. 65 pounds at 52 does not equal stupidity. totally depends on the person. have you been 65 pounds & 52? No.

  • Wear something to show you legs like a mid thigh skirt or dress with high heels if you want...This compliment a lot to short girls (only of you consider yourself as one, I'm personally 5'1 so yea I'm short)

  • i wear yoga pants and a school girlish shirt to show off my body without being a whore and have a little cleavage

  • Girl why don't you just have a convo with him and ask what he likes

  • gain some weight ...are you OK ?