Should I get my overbite fixed?

so I have perfect teeth...except for my overbite... my dentist said I didn't need braces unless I wanted them. my overbite kind of bugs me but does everyone else notice? should I get braces? how much would they cost and how long would I have them?

idk y this is in behavior I checked the style section and it was on my pulldown menu but didn't go there so yeah


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  • The braces would be thousands of dollars, for sure, because dentists are expensive. But the price varies on the type of braces, the quality, the dentist, and part of the world you live in, and about a hundred other factors. As for how long you'd have them. Probably a couple years.

    Only get it if you think you need it, and if you can afford it. It will take a while, and might hurt, and will cost a lot of money, so only do this if you're sure you can't live with it. An overbite isn't so bad. I mean sure it's noticeable, but it could be worse.

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      If it's optional, then as I said, only get it if you're sure you can't deal with having an overbite.