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Are panty lines unsightly to men?

Fashion tells us not to let them be seen. Wondering what guys think?

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  • As bad as it sounds, one guy from a previous job used to give a "panty-line check" to myself and another co-worker, looking to see if we were in "granny panties" or a thong. I never thought much about it until then or think that anyone really paid attention. It actually made me a little more aware that those lines are as visible, and are not too flattering. Now I am just a little more cautious, and try not to sport panty lines. BUT, also have to mention that thongs can also leave an ugly line. Have to find the right lighter material and make sure they aren't a little tight or they can show too.

What Guys Said 16

  • I don't think many men really care about panty lines. In fact the only place or people you hear "complaining" is the media magazines.

  • I honestly don't mind seeing them. Gives us an idea of what ur wearing but if I was dating a girl I would prefer her not to show.

  • I would prefer not seeing them because it makes the women look like a slut because that's how tight her pants are. Just my opinion.

  • I think it makes you look like you don't know how to dress yourself.

    • Lol TOTALLY AGREE! it's not trashy as thongs showing off.. but it's like she can't even wear her panty ;p

  • Panty lines can be very sexy if the panties are sexy. All guys want to see a hot girl in her panties, and panty lines are a step closer to that. The idea that panty lines are so unacceptable must have been started by completely self absorbed chicks with unrealistic views of life. I mean come on, one of the first things a guy thinks about when he is attracted to a girl is, "I wonder what kind of panties she wears". As previously stated, if the panties are sexy, then so are the panty lines.

    • HAHAHA I like your style, you're name is pretty killer too :D

  • They're not so bad as long they're not those huge panties!

  • I would prefer not to see them, but it's not a deal breaker.

  • Panty lines are so Hottttttt! I go out specificly looking for them. Most other guys I know love them too. Ladies, if you want men to notice you, go out of your way to show panty lines. You won't be sorry and probably even feel sexier!

  • "Fashion tells us..." The fashion industry wants and needs to sell new products.

    I think panty-lines are sexy especially when they are worn by a woman not intentionally trying to be sexy. That v-shape running along her bum really defines her shape.

  • Panty lines are sexy" it gets me thinking hum" are they full brief panties? or bikini?real silky? the first which are sexy to me also.

  • Most asian dude loves to see panty lines & starts imaging type of panties wore by the girl. :-)

  • I don't mind at all. On a pretty girl, it is sexy. Makes me wonder what she's wearing underneath those tight jeans.

  • On a woman with a nice shaply bottom panty lines drive me insane!

  • I find them very sexy. Seeing a girl's panties is very erotic!!

  • I think guys like the panty lines. It reveals a little bit more, without being overexposed. But I think that it is not very professional.

  • No they are not. Not unless the women is "unsightly" as well...and by unsightly I mean 300 pounds or hairy.

What Girls Said 3

  • At my school if you even DARE sport big pants then you will forever be named "granny pants"

    And yeah... the panty lines are usually the thing that sets it off!

    Teenage boys can be so cruel...


  • Probably, I used to hear guys make fun of them.

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