Fat girls that wear leggings, jeggings, and any other tight trousers?

Why do you do it to us?.. You evil people!

I don't like seeing all those "curves"

  • Their handsome
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  • They don't realize what size they are
    33% (13)20% (2)31% (15)Vote
  • They enjoy watching people spew around them
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  • They think it holds all the flab in
    36% (14)30% (3)35% (17)Vote
  • Their gorgeous, aren't they?
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At the end of the day, the thing that upsets me is the fact that my kids have to see this atrociousness where ever they go, it's ridiculous. Everyone who's saying I'm a shallow douche need to step back and look where I'm coming from. You might be one of the overweight women who wear tight trousers, if you are you need to change you're style... because me and other people look at you in disgust.


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  • I agree, they're skinny jeans, not "make you skinny" jeans.

    Not saying that fat girls are bad people or anything, but seriously, wear some sensible pants for your size ladies, or at least learn the difference between leggings and pants.

    • Thankyou! Someone who understands where I'm coming from.. I have absolutely nothing again larger sized women ever.. It's just the clothing choices are extremely insensible.

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    • I just feel it's rude, and selfish, I understand it might be comfortable.. But at the end of the day it shows everything that should be private!

    • I don't think it's so much rude as it is clueless, I think most big girls just believe they can wear the same things as skinny girls and that just causes these fashion faux-pas...Not to mention the embarrassing panty-lines and camel toes caused by legging-pants!

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  • Why don't you offer to buy them some new clothes then? I mean if it bothers you so much? Either that or just look away. Or stay in your house! God forbid you see someone with some junk in their trunk! :O!

  • They aren't dressing for you.

    • Clothes are meant to cover it up are they not?

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    • There's a difference between a typo and repeatedly using one word in place of another.

    • Oh you're clever saphira, how about you go back to the topic in question instead of questioning my spelling?.. Acting a little bit childish now aren't you.

  • I'm a bit chunky and I don't look that bad and have been complimented when I wear them (I have nice legs and a nice butt). But I still know better than wearing way too tight jeans and I stay away from leggings as much as possible. I totally agree that some girls look so bad that it should be illegal for them to wear clothes that are too tight, but I think it's worse when they wear shirts that are too short or tight that show their stomach.

    • I bet they look great on you! and I agree with you completely, tiny shirts which show a bit of belly are bad, but not half as bad as having the actual outlines of the womans anatomy showing to all children around. I wouldn't at all judge someone fat wearing jeggings if they fit!.. I've seen them in shops with big sizes so there's no excuse

  • My feeling is if it makes them feel sexy and they're comfortable in it, then who cares?

  • I don't know why ANYONE would wear tights...they're awful all by themselves.

    And yes, everyone should dress in a flattering manner.

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