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Fat girls that wear leggings, jeggings, and any other tight trousers?

Why do you do it to us?.. You evil people!

I don't like seeing all those "curves"

  • Vote A Their handsome
  • Vote B They don't realize what size they are
  • Vote C They enjoy watching people spew around them
  • Vote D They think it holds all the flab in
  • Vote E Their gorgeous, aren't they?
At the end of the day, the thing that upsets me is the fact that my kids have to see this atrociousness where ever they go, it's ridiculous. Everyone who's saying I'm a shallow douche need to step back and look where I'm coming from. You might be one of the overweight women who wear tight trousers, if you are you need to change you're style... because me and other people look at you in disgust.

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  • I agree, they're skinny jeans, not "make you skinny" jeans.

    Not saying that fat girls are bad people or anything, but seriously, wear some sensible pants for your size ladies, or at least learn the difference between leggings and pants.

    • Thankyou! Someone who understands where I'm coming from.. I have absolutely nothing again larger sized women ever.. It's just the clothing choices are extremely insensible.

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    • I just feel it's rude, and selfish, I understand it might be comfortable.. But at the end of the day it shows everything that should be private!

    • I don't think it's so much rude as it is clueless, I think most big girls just believe they can wear the same things as skinny girls and that just causes these fashion faux-pas...Not to mention the embarrassing panty-lines and camel toes caused by legging-pants!

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  • Why don't you offer to buy them some new clothes then? I mean if it bothers you so much? Either that or just look away. Or stay in your house! God forbid you see someone with some junk in their trunk! :O!

  • They aren't dressing for you.

    • Clothes are meant to cover it up are they not?

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    • There's a difference between a typo and repeatedly using one word in place of another.

    • Oh you're clever saphira, how about you go back to the topic in question instead of questioning my spelling?.. Acting a little bit childish now aren't you.

  • They wear them because they want to wear them. And quite frankly they probably don't give a darn what you think of it. The end.(:

    • It's not the end because me and other innocents have to witness this disaster on a day to day basis

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    • tempting

    • Good luck.(:

  • My feeling is if it makes them feel sexy and they're comfortable in it, then who cares?

  • That's not a nice thing to say about girls that are over weight. I myself am not but I know many that are and they are very sweet people. You say you have friends that are but if it gets you so mad why don't you ask them for yourself? They will not be happy with you. I think it can be a good look depending on exactly what they wear and what they match it with. There are cute clothes and they want to wear some, nothin wrong with it.

    • I'd tell my friends that it looks silly.. I just want to understand why they do it to themselves..

      I'm not at all against fat people, it's just when they wear clothing that's that reveling it's ridiculous.. they might aswell not have trousers on for f*** sake, full on wedgies.

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    • Ignore them I can do, but ignoring my kids asking questions about why they are dressed that way I cannot. This isn't about me being judgmental, its about them being rude

    • I agree with saphira, I mean kids are oblivious to certain things and do not understand what they mean so they may inquire because they are curious and don't know. It depends on the parent (your) reaction and what you say to them, which seems like it may have not been the nicest way to go about it. Just think about the person you are talking about and their feelings. Could they here that whole conversation? I would be so embarrassed, and they shouldn't feel that way.

  • I.m slightly overweight and wear themto work cos they are comfy... My boyfriend loves them by the way. Your opinion is overall inconsequential .

  • Questions like these are like watching someone else make a sandwich for themselves and saying "why are you putting tomatoes in that sandwich? I don't like tomatoes."

  • I'm a bit chunky and I don't look that bad and have been complimented when I wear them (I have nice legs and a nice butt). But I still know better than wearing way too tight jeans and I stay away from leggings as much as possible. I totally agree that some girls look so bad that it should be illegal for them to wear clothes that are too tight, but I think it's worse when they wear shirts that are too short or tight that show their stomach.

    • I bet they look great on you! and I agree with you completely, tiny shirts which show a bit of belly are bad, but not half as bad as having the actual outlines of the womans anatomy showing to all children around. I wouldn't at all judge someone fat wearing jeggings if they fit!.. I've seen them in shops with big sizes so there's no excuse

  • I think that it is important to dress for your size. If your overweight, it might not be a good idea to wear skinny jeans, or tight clothes. I understand that overweight women want to wear what thinner women wear but sometimes it's not flattering.

  • you seem like a pretty shallow person...if you don't like it, then don't look at them. simple as that. there may be people that don't like the way you look as well.

    • Not really, I mean I have a ton of girl friends who are overweight, but I just don't like people embarrassing themselves. I might look as silly as them if I walked around in Borats thong

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    • my kids will be taught from a young age not to judge people. I do understand your point, but I don't think people should dress a certain way just to be accepted by others.

    • It's not about being accepted though, it's about being thoughtful for other people around you. The last thing you want to see when enjoying a coffee is a large women wearing leggings. I'm sure I'm not the only person who see's it as being rude

  • Well then don't look. Nobody is forcing you to look.. you look cause you want to...

  • I think that you are being a bit harsh in your opinion...But having said that it is just an opinion, just like its the women's who are wearing these cloths for whatever reason they are wearing them..To say that you have kids and that you don't want them to be exposed to the ugly/inappropriate side of dressing is like saying you might as well lock them up in the house never to watch tv,look at a magazine,nothing..Its everywhere, your job(not telling you how to parent in anyway)but is to show your kids the right respectable way to dress. And to just learn to live around other peoples clothing choices or ignore the rest of the world.

  • what kind of "curves" are you talking? Like can you put pics up.

  • I have curves and I wear skinny jeans but its not any different from me wearing sweatpants! Gosh

  • Totally agree with you! They're deluded! No I don't think you're leggings that are wedged up your ass and stretched look attractive! That paired with a crop top that shows off their muffin top and excessive eating is enough to make anyone wish they were blind!!!

  • I don't know why ANYONE would wear tights...they're awful all by themselves.

    And yes, everyone should dress in a flattering manner.

  • You could always get over it. Why care what people wear, even if you aren't attracted to them. Girls aren't put here to be pleasing sexual objects to you in public. Some people are going to be ugly to you, some people are going to be sexy to you. That's life.

  • fat people also like to wear stuff like "normal" people.

    but yeah, I agree it's very ugly

    • Nice jeans

    • Thx

  • Heavier people have the right to wear what they want, just like thinner people do. Not every style is flattering on every body type, especially during these times of stick thin fashion models. It's nice when people know how to dress in a way that suits their physique, but what looks good can also be a matter of opinion. Human beings frequently have curves. It's a fact of life, and it won't kill you to see them, so get a grip. No one is going to change what they wear just because one anonymous guy on the internet expressed a dislike for their body type.

    • "It's nice when people know how to dress in a way that suits their physique"


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    • I don't care where you live, there are plenty of homeless and impoverished people in the world who would never choose to be in that situation. And I know from reading this question that you are a superficial, judgmental jerk. Or at least you come across that way, and if your behavior here doesn't reflect your behavior in other areas of your life, that's not my responsibility to account for. You're entitled to your opinion. But some opinions will make you look bad if you share them.

    • I'm a size 0 and your question offended me. So you might want to rethink your tactics a bit, if you have any desire to be a pleasant addition to society. Not everyone is a beauty queen. Your kids will learn that pretty quickly no matter what you do, and trust me, they WILL survive occasionally seeing a crotch at their eye level. So don't use concern for your children as an excuse for being superficial and critical. That's a pathetic attempt.

  • 1)If you're going to make fun of overweight girls, could you please get a clue and learn the difference between "they're" and "their?"

    2)It may be unappealing, but it's their prerogative.

    Why do I have a feeling you're the same person?


    • No I'm not the same person.. because I'm a guy, and that's a chick..

      And sorry for the mistakes, I wasn't taking much care writing it

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    • uhhhh...

    • Just confusing me more now.. maybe you should stop typing randomly

  • I guess none of them own a mirror...

  • Then close your fu**ng eyes you douche.

    • I can't blink that fast, the amount of women around in this legging wearing category is ridiculous

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