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How many of you are addicted to Alka Seltzer?

I freaking love Alka seltzer, I need to have 6 tablets on a daily basis. The fizzle, the bubbles, the burp afterward, the headache removing, heart... Show More

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  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to eat it, not drink it so much. It's something I' ve loved doing since I was a little girl, I am now 30 some years and still do it, I carry a pack in my purse and through out the day I brake a piece off and suck on it or grind my teeth into it (my mouth is salavating as I'm writing this)...how WRONG is this? I know it can't be healthy, but I've tried stopping and I can't. I"ve asked my doctor about this and he can never give me a straight answer on why this is bad for me, so he just tells me to "stop"! Is there rehab for alka seltzer users haha? cause I certainly need it :/

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