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Is Ariana Grande a good weight? is she too thin or too fat?

well we have similar body types and I was thinking about losing weight so is she a good weight (shes about 5 foot tall give or take an inch as am I... Show More

once again I don't think she's fat but the world is full of crazy heads so I figured I better put it as an option

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  • She looks like a healthy weight, although I don't see her being muscular in any of the pics I've seen. In any case, she's not overweight or fat and anyone who says she needs to drop some likes their girls unhealthily thin.

What Guys Said 7

  • Who considers her fat? A bunch of old guys who wear country club jackets to a club and bob their chins to the music?

    She's between A and B for me.

  • How on earth could that be "too big"? If you're around that size and someone else is telling you that you're too big then seriously they have their own problems!

    • hey I don't think she is but there's crazy people everywhere! ya never know!

    • :P

  • I LOVEEEE her hair...

  • She's B for sure to me.

  • I came to see the pics and I liked it.

  • I wouldn't say perfect but between thin and perfect

What Girls Said 4

  • She seems to be at her normal weight.

  • She is NOT muscular at all LOL

    But she's at a perfect weight. She looks good though.


    People who vote A are obviously jealous and C, they have some issues regarding a healthy body image.

    • I voted A because she's not quite 'perfect' yet. She's pretty darn close, though.

  • She has terrible hair. But she's not fat (not even close).

  • she's not thin at all. about average

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